Saturday, January 4, 2014

KTV tripsss

Went KTV three times last week so I thought I would blog about all three in a single post! I guess I'm a lil' too crazy about singing nowadays! 
Firstly, on Sunday:
Group photo! 
With Wenyi
With Weiheng
With Andy
Inserted one hokkien song that day and I got judged badly :@ but it was funny so whatever hahahah.

As for monday, I went for another 6 hours session with Zihuan and Jasmine :D
selfie on bus :P
The shuttle bus didn't wanna come so we took 859 after waiting for 30 minutes:( And the bus decided to go for about only a hundred rounds around Sembawang before it heads to SSC and we ended up late:( not new for me to be late anyw LOL
The room was so cold that I went to purchase a hot drink (probably the first time ever)
"three people selfie" 
Headed home right after singing and I thought it was quite weird cause I've never met with anybody just to do one activity only:o
As for Friday, We planned to sing k again:D We were supposed to meet at 9 but I reached at 10:15 am
:( #whyamIforeverlate
Was in a dying mood that day because I only slept three hours the night before:( Apparently my body doesn't let me fall asleep until it is 4am:( Really hope this stops soon cause I'm really badly sleep deprived.
The best people ever<3
As the days draw closer to the results release day, I started to ponder more. Previously, I insisted in entering a JC as I wanted to enter a uni.. However, while I was working one day, I had a thorough thought about what I wanted to do in future and I thought that poly courses might be more suitable for me. I've already shortlisted a few courses now.. (Biomedical science in SP or RP/ Perfumery and cosmetic science in SP/ Apparel design and merchandising in TP/ International business in NP etc..) There's like so many things I wanna do and I really want to make a correct choice cause I don't want to be stuck with the wrong choice for the rest of my life. Why are decisions so hard to make:( 

Guess this post is getting rather lengthy and boring so I shall blog about my new year celebration in the next few days! 

Au revoir, Allons-nous devenus des étrangers la prochaine fois que nous rencontrons?

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