Monday, July 4, 2016

Go Bear Dreams

I was reading this article just now and it made me think a lot more about what I really want 10 years down the road.

For those who know me, you all would have known that my family and I just moved in to our new BTO flat half a year ago. From applying the BTO with my family four years ago to renovating and eventually moving in at the beginning of the year, it made me feel the importance of having your own apartment in Singapore.

Therefore, during my self-introduction during my internship last month, I mentioned “Having my own apartment before 25 years old” as my dream in life.

This sounded rather impossible and my colleagues actually commented that my dream was special as it is actually very expensive to purchase a flat in Singapore with rising costs for almost everything.

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Assuming the price of your flat to be a typical SGD$ 300k 4 room flat, to purchase this unit, you need a deposit of 10-20% depending on your loan scheme. 

That would mean that you need at least SGD$30k- SGD$60k when you are applying for a flat. Also, when you move in, you need to renovate the house as well as furnish it, which can easily go up to SGD$40k.

Hence, you will need to have at least SGD$100k of savings before you can really own a HDB flat, which does not include the monthly montage that you have to pay after moving in to your house.

After listing down all these costs in a lump sum, it sounds really impossible to own a flat in Singapore before the age of 25 (6 more years for me!).

However, after reading a little further past the fifth paragraph in the article: Expensive Singapore- Beat it, I realize that my dream is not that impossible if I start building a savings plan for myself now!

Also, to help me fufil my dream, #GoBearDreams is actually holding a competition where I can win $10,000 CASH funding! No, it is not a loan!

Its actually a contest held by Go Bear for people like me in Singapore to share our dreams and ambition.

Sounds too good to be true?

Check out the video of a sweeper’s outrageous dream being fulfilled thanks to getting a loan on GoBear at

Interested in getting your $SGD10,000?

Simply join the contest, you’ll never know, you may be the next winner to walk away with SDG$10000!

Contest Criteria:

  • Be as creative and interesting as possible in sharing your dream
  • Submit a 30seconds video here along with your personal details
Of course, other than the grand prize, attractive prizes such as  yoga class packages and free co-working space subscription under The Working Capitol.

Contest period: 29 June to 29 July 2016.

Contest details will be posted on on 29 June 2016.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for the contest over at Go Bear now!

Thanks for reading!

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