Monday, January 20, 2014

1st day

Came across this 30 day blog challenge and I thought I would do it since it's fun and gives me more ideas on things to blog about. 

Day 1: five ways to win my heart

I guess this is a rather hard question cause I've not been into any serious relationship or anything before but I guess I'll list out the five ways that I would look out for in guys?

1: give me my personal space. If you text me every minute asking me what I'm doing, I guess I will end up being more annoyed than pleased. 
2: talk to me at least once a day. 
I know this sounds rather ironic to the first point but I feel that communication is very important and it just shows me that you care?..
3. Listen to me.
I have a friend that always ignore what I says and continueing talking by himself and that makes me super annoyed:')
4. Humour. 
Love humourous people who can take my lame jokes :DDD
5. Not being proud for doing stupid things. 
Cause that's just plain stupid LOL.

I guess that's all for day 1's blog challenge.
Anyw, I went to SPCA yesterday with Jasmine! Turns out that the dog I liked so much previously was still there!^^ but it changed so much and became a crazy dog and couldn't stop barking sigh:( 
After SPCA, we headed to NEX to do some shopping! I was doing This "challenge" that I should not have any sweet drinks for two weeks and it was the second day!! Was feeling so determined in the morning that I resisted the urge to get myself a cup of bubble tea. However, I ended up in Starbucks having my caramel frappe:')

Oh and I shamelessly asked the person to write my name :')))

After snacking, we past by party world and decided to sing k! Love impromptu decisions^^ 
I had my second sweet drink of the day in there.. So much for no sweet drinks:(

Anyw, here's my ootd:

I guess that's all for this post cause I'm reaching my workplace soon^^
Thanks for reading^^

Anyw, anybody interested in this lace jacket? In selling for $18 each and I have two instocks!

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