Saturday, January 25, 2014

3rd and 4th day

"When my hopes and dreams are shattered, you're the only one that's here for me"
Day 3: my favorite tv programm.
I guess this is difficult to talk about because I don't watch any shows anymore. But my favourite movies would be 'The soccerer's apprentice' and 'Taken 1/2' Watched these movies more than once already and I'm still not sick of them. 
Since there is not much for me to talk about for day 3, I decided to blog about day 4 together. 
Day 4:
•write about my closest friend(s)•

Well, one of my closest friend would be Jasmine. 
I guess I'm quite blessed to have met her. We can talk about almost anything and I can be honest to her about everything.(both of us hate liars) I still remember when I first transferred into rs, she hated me a lot cause I took her register number :p but also cause of our register numbers, we're always together. For example, everybody have to sit according to register numbers in labs and most people would be separated from their good friends but we would still end up sitting together LOL. It's funny how we have totally opposite interests but we are still able to have never ending topics to talk about. 

Another of my closest friend would be Krystal!
I've known her since primary five and we always do crazy things together! I guess we drifted a little during sec four but we went out more often after O's! We have almost the same interests like taking photos so we never got bored when we go out tgt!
Anyway, I went out with her yesterday before work for some shopping! We wanted to do our brows at first but all three outlets of browhaus in orchard were fully booked :( 
Here's us in bershka's fitting room!
Bought two crop tees from there and yup, I'm wearing one of them in the photo above. Just love how vibrant the top is^^
*inserts my ootd*
*inserts last one*
Our lunch at pastamania!

I guess the next closest friend to me would be Wenyi! We go out less often now cause she moved to lakeside:( but when we meet, it will somehow feels like we go out everyday and we can also have never ending topics :D
I guess that's all for this post! Thanks for reading ^^

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