Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I had the annual pass for USS so I headed there for the second time! Guess there's nothing much for me to blog about since I've blogged about it before so this is gonna be a post full of pictures!
selfie while waiting for Jasmine
step tourist

*inserts another selfie*
With Betty Boop 
My hands are so awkward I cannot HAHAHA


Idk who this character is but his attitude is cool! A father and son wanted to take photo with him and he scolded them and they went away without a photo. I guess it must be quite suckish to act out this character cause you have to be mean to everybody :o

*Mandatory globe shot* 
Was trying to avoid puddles after this photo was taken but Jasmine was still snapping away so.....

Guess that's it for this post! Thanks for reading :)

我不奢求永远 永远太遥远 

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