Monday, January 27, 2014

6th day

"他若爱你,也会爱别人。 所以重要的不是爱上你,而是只爱你一个。重要的不是爱多深,而是能爱到底”

Day 6: my favorite season, and why.
I think this question sucks cause it never state what season. Previously I thought it meant drama seasons but now I think it's talking about the weather...  There's no season in singapore and I've not been to much countries so it's super hard for me to answer this question. But I guess if I really have to choose a season, I'll choose autumn. Cause it will not be too cold like winter or too hot like summer. Plus the falling leaves will look super pretty *.*

Had my off day yesterday and met up with jasmine, zihuan and angeline!

With zihuan:

Told jasmine to hold my phone cause I wanted to arrange my hair and she ending up snapping away..
With Angeline:
We got bored of taking normal selfies so..
Ok the last photo need to maintain a bit LOL. 没形象already >.<"

*inserts one normal one*
Afterwards, jasmine and I headed to orchard! Passed by one road which did not have much cars so I decided to take my ootd there..
A few cars came halfway and each time I will exclaim: "got car got car" and we will chiong off the road LOL.
Decided to be a little more daring and sat on the road.. 
A little fitting room madness at orchard..
Made plans with jasmine since last year that we will shop at orchard till late at night and we finally did it yesterday^^ 
Also, I threaded my brows ytd and finally signed a package at browhaus. guess it's more huasuan heh. :)
Heading to Malaysia in a few more days and I can't wait :D

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