Monday, December 30, 2013


Haha I remember counting down for this year not long ago and it's already December. Time really flies.  
Recently, I bought a photobook that has 20 pockets to be filled, so I chose 20 photos from this year for it! The photos mainly start from March because I lost my phone data during that time:( Here are the 20 photos:
23 March 2013-  KTV day with my loves
11 April 2013 - choir's syf
22 May 2013 - R^3 day's group! 
22 May 2013 - R^3 day - My favourite people in class <3 
16 June 2013 - Gathering with my favourite work peeps! 
22 June 2013 - With my grandfather and bro! 
26 June 2013 - Ktv with wenyi, Kwan Wei , Junyuan and Shun Hui! 
10 August 2013- step tourist day haha <3
26 Sept 2013- Ktv with angeline, jasmine and eva <333
7 Oct 2013 - Ktv with Andy, Weiheng and KwanWei :)
30 Oct 2013 - Vivo + SPCA day with Jasmine and Eva <3
31 Oct - Halloween celebration <3 
06 Nov 2013 - Ice cream date <3 
8 Nov 2013 - Sentosa Getaway <3 
17 November 2013 - shopping + advanced birthday celebration with wenyi <3 
22 Nov 2013 - Class BBQ 
25 Nov 2013 - Catch up day!  
27 November 2013 - USS day
02 Dec 2013 - Malaysia day! ^^ 
06 dec 2013- ice skating!

Found it really hard to choose only 20 photos to fill into my "year photo book". But, I also printed some other photos to put in another photo album! Felt really bad cause I couldn't fit all of my good friends into this book but they're definitely in my other photo album <33 Not gonna post the photos here if not I might get reported for spam haha :P
There are many ups and down in 2013 but I must admit that there are more happy times than sad times! Actually, I remember crying really badly only three times this year ( mainly in march, july and november)
Haha, by now, you must be wondering how I got all the dates so clearly.. Actually, I keep a diary that records where I go daily.. you know, just in case I grow old and can't remember a thing..

Even though the year is ending, there is still something that I regret not being able to complete. I remember telling myself that I have to complete this one thing when I was counting down for this year.. But looking at it now, I don't think I'll be able to fulfill my resolution(?) by this year:(

However, I'm definitely glad that I've bucked up in my studies this year and even gotten myself bursary.:D  Really hope I'll be as hardworking next year.
Guess my resolutions for next year is to get into a JC and study hard! Don't really have other dreams now so I guess its the only resolution that I have to keep. 

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