Sunday, January 12, 2014

A new beginning

I guess its super late to post about new year now.. Wanted to skip this post but I've already uploaded the photos previously so I thought I would blog about it! Had work on new year's eve so I met up with JJ, Taffy and Krystal at 8 plus! 

We had our own mini steamboat celebration! Everything cost only 6plus after we split up the cost! 便宜到爽 :D

group shot! 
It was about 10 plus after we finished eating so we headed to civic for countdown. Previously we had plans for marina bay but time didn't allowed us, so I guess we'll leave that to next year:)

K I was bored so here's a collage of me putting lipstick 


*inserts another random selfe*
with Krystal
With Taffy!
With Jiajun!
No idea why this photo turned out so shitty when I uploaded it!  :(
HAPPY 2014!!
As for new year, we decided to go ice skating:D
With JJ

Group Photo!

We took this photo to post on AY's instagram with the caption: "My girls" HAHAHHA
Trying hard to be cute here

Had a really lovely day with them and I think its the third year we went to countdown tgt:) 
Really quite blessed to know so many awesome people:)  

“一直对自己坚持 爱情的意思 
我不敢去证实 爱你两个字 
我很不服 我还在想着那件事”

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