Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2nd day

"最想说的话 我该从何说起”

2nd day of blog challenge! Guess I was supposed to blog about it yesterday but I was busy so forget it. Gonna count the days as my blogging days but not the calendar days :p

I guess something that I feel strongly about is that people shouldn't lie. Whether it's big or small. And I hate it when people lie to cover up their mistakes. If you ever lied to me, I guess its best to continue hiding it and not let me find out//tell me the truth HAHAHA. But if I already know the truth, I will keep asking you to admit your lie LOL. I guess it sounds weird now and hard to decide whether to tell me the truth or not.. So I think its best not to talk about it unless I ask hehe. 
I also feel strongly that people shouldn't show off about their wrongdoings. I guess it might sound swag but I think its kinda pathetic deep down. I think I used to be like that but I'm trying hard to kick this habit. 

As for yesterday, I met up with Kelly Ivan Xiaoyan Ronald and friends to play basketball! Really missed those times when we met up after school to play. It's about 10 months since I last played with them omg. 


With Kelly!
With xiao yan!
Girls shot ^^

Had a good day with them and hope we still stay in contact in future:)

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