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LA VIDA Semi-Permanent Deluxe Creative Brows

Having a tight and hectic schedule in school makes me treasure all the time I have to sleep in in the morning and spending 10 minutes every morning to draw a pair of symmetrical, defined brows is definitely not what I want to sacrifice my sleep time for. 

Hence, semi-permanent make up is definitely the perfect choice for me so that I look good and have brows even when I sleep! Yes, having defined brows are very important to me because they frame my face and play a powerful role when I'm communicating with others.

I was really pleased when LA VIDATM offered this Deluxe Creative eyebrow embroidery collaboration because I read several reviews about them online and passed by their Northpoint outlet before, so,  I was confident that they will be able to deliver good eyebrows for my face for the next two years!

Abou LA VIDA Singapore
Specialising in beauty services since 2014, LA VIDATM promises to deliver the best skin care and eyebrow services to everyone they serve with passion and excellence and ensures that all their services are carried out with high hygiene standard. Currently, LA VIDATM has 6 outlets all over Singapore!

My embroidery process
This is actually my third eyebrow embroidery and my last one was done two years ago elsewhere. The previous embroidery has faded quite a bit so I had to start filling my brows recently already! 

The whole procedure process took about 1.5 hours and included the following steps:

Application of numbing cream:
This process took about 20 minutes so that we wouldn't feel anything when the actual embroidery was carried out!

Drawing of brow design: 

This process took the longest for the entire procedure because we had to make sure that the brows look the best before proceeding! My highly experienced brow stylist was patient in hearing my requests and gave me several suggestions so that my eyebrows look more natural after the embroidery! For me personally, I really appreciated this because I’ve had friends who are afraid to go for eyebrow embroideries because they were afraid of the downtime! 

Of course, everyone has a different face shape so different brows would suit different individual and there is no “one size fit all” kind of brows! Hence, a highly experienced brow specialist is really important when it comes to choosing your ‘new’ brows!

After about 20-30 minutes of drawing, I was ready to go!

The actual procedure:

The actual process involved making small incisions along the drawn design with a micro blade to mimic existing eyebrow hairs. Each incision was combined with unique strokes to give the best combination so that the results would look three-dimensional and most importantly, natural. 

For myself, because I’ve done other eyebrow embroidery before, my brow specialist had to fill in some parts of my brows with another equipment so that my new brows will blend in and cover the previous colors up! 

I knew I was in safe hands because LA VIDATM promises to use industry-leading natural pigments and I felt that this was really important because the pigment goes under your skin and I wanted to really make sure that it was of a high quality!

The pain level? How long can this last?

For this procedure, I felt zero pain throughout! By throughout, I was pleasantly surprised that I did not feel anything at all even hours after the numbing cream effect has worn off! It was so comfortable and I felt really at ease. I’ve had embroideries whereby I felt intense pain after the numbing cream wore off but LA VIDATM really surprised me with this and I was so happy about it! 

After this 1.5 hours of Deluxe Creative Brows, I am happy to say that I do not need to draw my brows for the next 1.5 years already! If taken care of properly, it can last up to 2 years! Yes, 2 whole years of natural looking brows without the hassle of drawing them!! This photo with my brow specialist was taken right after the embroidery and no edits was done on the eyebrows! I loved how natural my brows looked and I can proceed on with my daily activities without any downtime!

People always tell me that you need to stay at home one to two weeks after embroideries because you will look like Shin Chan but after experiencing LA VIDATM ‘s Deluxe Creative Brow, I can confidently tell you that this is not the case! 

Here’s how I look attending a media event just two days later! Yes, I was confident enough to go out because my brows looked so natural!

My thoughts and feelings: 

I am really pleased about my brows and many of my friends complimented and say that my brows looked really good after the embroidery! The whole painless process made me felt really comfortable and I am definitely recommending LA VIDATM to anyone who wants to have a better pair of eyebrows! It is really convenient for me because I can just go out at any time of the day without worrying that I do not have eyebrows and of course, look good even when I am bare faced!

Here’s a closeup shot of my brows two weeks/two days after the treatment! I can’t help but reemphasize how natural it looks!

Love my natural brows? This can be you too!! 

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Thanks for reading and go get your perfect brows now!

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