Sunday, January 19, 2014

Extended Holidays

Submitted my JAE with sp as my first choice so I guess I kinda have an extended holiday if I got into the course. Actually, I kinda hope school starts soon cause it's getting boring without school:o

Went to Orchard with Krystal yesterday as she wanted to buy her slippers! 

Afterwards, we headed to bugis! 
My legs were getting sore from wearing my wedges which are probably 4-5 inches high so we settled at 我爱台妹 for a while first! Continued with our shopping and we each bought a floral pullover. The shopowner was kind enough to give us two free belts each :D

"I have a soft spot for drinks" so I bought another drink and to rest my feet too.. I will not torture my feet like this again T.T

Then at night, I was bored and did not want to waste my night away like I always did so I decided to mend my shorts.

Here's how it looked like before.. Really liked this pair of shorts but the quality sucks and I've worn it less than five times and the floral mesh tore. So I decided not to let it go to waste and redesigned it.

Wanted to use my sewing machine initially but I have no idea how to operate it so I ended up hand sewing instead.. 
After about 3-4 hours of sewing, I finally got it done :')
Can't wait to wear it out:D

Alright, Guess that's all for this post. Thanks for reading^^

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