Friday, October 19, 2018

LA VIDA Semi-Permanent Deluxe Creative Brows

Having a tight and hectic schedule in school makes me treasure all the time I have to sleep in in the morning and spending 10 minutes every morning to draw a pair of symmetrical, defined brows is definitely not what I want to sacrifice my sleep time for. 

Hence, semi-permanent make up is definitely the perfect choice for me so that I look good and have brows even when I sleep! Yes, having defined brows are very important to me because they frame my face and play a powerful role when I'm communicating with others.

I was really pleased when LA VIDATM offered this Deluxe Creative eyebrow embroidery collaboration because I read several reviews about them online and passed by their Northpoint outlet before, so,  I was confident that they will be able to deliver good eyebrows for my face for the next two years!

Abou LA VIDA Singapore
Specialising in beauty services since 2014, LA VIDATM promises to deliver the best skin care and eyebrow services to everyone they serve with passion and excellence and ensures that all their services are carried out with high hygiene standard. Currently, LA VIDATM has 6 outlets all over Singapore!

My embroidery process
This is actually my third eyebrow embroidery and my last one was done two years ago elsewhere. The previous embroidery has faded quite a bit so I had to start filling my brows recently already! 

The whole procedure process took about 1.5 hours and included the following steps:

Application of numbing cream:
This process took about 20 minutes so that we wouldn't feel anything when the actual embroidery was carried out!

Drawing of brow design: 

This process took the longest for the entire procedure because we had to make sure that the brows look the best before proceeding! My highly experienced brow stylist was patient in hearing my requests and gave me several suggestions so that my eyebrows look more natural after the embroidery! For me personally, I really appreciated this because I’ve had friends who are afraid to go for eyebrow embroideries because they were afraid of the downtime! 

Of course, everyone has a different face shape so different brows would suit different individual and there is no “one size fit all” kind of brows! Hence, a highly experienced brow specialist is really important when it comes to choosing your ‘new’ brows!

After about 20-30 minutes of drawing, I was ready to go!

The actual procedure:

The actual process involved making small incisions along the drawn design with a micro blade to mimic existing eyebrow hairs. Each incision was combined with unique strokes to give the best combination so that the results would look three-dimensional and most importantly, natural. 

For myself, because I’ve done other eyebrow embroidery before, my brow specialist had to fill in some parts of my brows with another equipment so that my new brows will blend in and cover the previous colors up! 

I knew I was in safe hands because LA VIDATM promises to use industry-leading natural pigments and I felt that this was really important because the pigment goes under your skin and I wanted to really make sure that it was of a high quality!

The pain level? How long can this last?

For this procedure, I felt zero pain throughout! By throughout, I was pleasantly surprised that I did not feel anything at all even hours after the numbing cream effect has worn off! It was so comfortable and I felt really at ease. I’ve had embroideries whereby I felt intense pain after the numbing cream wore off but LA VIDATM really surprised me with this and I was so happy about it! 

After this 1.5 hours of Deluxe Creative Brows, I am happy to say that I do not need to draw my brows for the next 1.5 years already! If taken care of properly, it can last up to 2 years! Yes, 2 whole years of natural looking brows without the hassle of drawing them!! This photo with my brow specialist was taken right after the embroidery and no edits was done on the eyebrows! I loved how natural my brows looked and I can proceed on with my daily activities without any downtime!

People always tell me that you need to stay at home one to two weeks after embroideries because you will look like Shin Chan but after experiencing LA VIDATM ‘s Deluxe Creative Brow, I can confidently tell you that this is not the case! 

Here’s how I look attending a media event just two days later! Yes, I was confident enough to go out because my brows looked so natural!

My thoughts and feelings: 

I am really pleased about my brows and many of my friends complimented and say that my brows looked really good after the embroidery! The whole painless process made me felt really comfortable and I am definitely recommending LA VIDATM to anyone who wants to have a better pair of eyebrows! It is really convenient for me because I can just go out at any time of the day without worrying that I do not have eyebrows and of course, look good even when I am bare faced!

Here’s a closeup shot of my brows two weeks/two days after the treatment! I can’t help but reemphasize how natural it looks!

Love my natural brows? This can be you too!! 

Promotion: LA VIDATM is now offering a special promotion to enjoy this highly raved Deluxe Creative brows + complimentary touch up session at only $398! (U.P.$1369.90). In addition, just for my readers, you get a complimentary facial treatment (U.P. $204) when you book an appointment at any of their 6 outlets with "Christine398" through this number: 87976271!

Social Media
Facebook: LA VIDA Singapore

Thanks for reading and go get your perfect brows now!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Themed Rooms for the ultimate facial experience

I just did lasik and can't apply lotions and sunblocks for a period of time for fear of getting them into my eyes. Plus, I haven't had facial for 1.5 months so my skin was in a really bad state. Hence, I was quite thankful when Sample Store gave me the opportunity to have a customised facial experience with Lynn Aesthetic.

Conveniently located near Kovan MRT station, I had no issues locating the shop!
Upon entering, I was served with warm smiles and their chinese date tea.
Chinese date tea and peppermint candy

I was then brought around to visit their facial and massage rooms and I must say I was really impressed because each room had a theme and had different masseur or therapist as its 'owner'.

Here are a few of my favourite rooms:



Snow White


For my own treatment, I was assigned the Garden room on the second storey.
It was really beautifully decorated and I fell in love at first sight.

Selfie before the treatment!

The whole treatment process took 2 hours and consisted of all these steps:

1. Cleansing of skin
2. Application of Toner onto skin
3. Application of gomage peel to remove the deeper layers of dead skin cells.
4. Face scrub to remove the surface dead skin cells.
5. The most dreaded extraction. It was really thorough and took quite a long time because I had so much to extract:(
6. Eyebrow shaping.
7. Application of oxygen serum to ensure that my cells receive enough oxygen to rejuvenate.
8. Sensitive gel was then applied with a device that uses ultrasound to deliver the goodness of the gel into my skin.
9. Eyelid care: application of eye mask
10. Lightening soft mask
11. Massage

For some of these steps, my therapist, Karine, used a towel glove which was hand sewn by the lady boss. This towel glove was one of the selling point of the facial because each glove would first be sanitised, then soaked in lavender oil and then placed in the incubator (to keep the towels warm) before use.

During the facial, Karine would give me some advice on how to take care of my skin and I can tell that she was genuine about wanting to help me improve my skin, which I really appreciate.

Consultation Room
After the facial session, I was brought into the consultation room and I was glad that there was just a little bit of selling, without any pushing!

There were so much products used during the facial treatment I felt really pampered throughout.
After the facial, I could tell that my pores appeared smaller for the next few days and the skin was significantly softer to the touch. Even my mum commented that I had a glow on my face!
Overall, I had a really pleasant experience and am thankful for this opportunity from Sample store. 

With Karine

Lynn Aesthetic

Address: Blk 211 Hougang Street 21, #01-317, 530211 
Tel: 6289 8901
Instagram: @LynnAestheticSG
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri: 10am-9pm; Sat-Sun: 10am-6pm

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

4D3N Langkawi Trip (With Itinerary)

During my stay in hall, my friends and I have always been talking about going on a vacation together and after choosing for some time, we decided to embark on a 4D3N road trip to Langkawi!

At T4

Was clearing immigration and I got cut by my disposable shaver which I stupidly did not cap when packing. I bled for 15-20 minutes straight and was very blessed to have Zale and Jar with me who showered me with intense TLC weew.
we walked around T4 like this for 15 minutes

For this trip, we decided to rent a car for transport and were looking through online car rental for our trip and the prices ranged from SGD$120-180 for the entire 4 days. However, we decided against online booking and wanted to try our luck at the airport instead as we thought the prices should be similar. Thankfully, we did that and we were offered only RM$240 (~SGD$80) for 4 days car rental.
Car for the next 4 days!
We checked in at Harmony Guest House which was situated really near the airport. I would say it has a rather good location as it's located quite in the middle and not along the touristy areas so it was rather peaceful at night.  It could satisfy all our basic needs and was rather worth the price of RM$474 (~$160) for 2 rooms for 3 nights. 
Harmony Guest House

Our first meal was at Haroo Korean Restaurant.We were rather impressed with the shop's service as the sales person was really friendly and even gave us tips and places to go in Langkawi. Really living up to its good reviews on TripAdvisor.
We ordered a few dishes to share and I must say that the food was really really good.

After our meal, we had complimentary cookies and cream ice cream which we all agreed to be really good and craved for it really badly for the next few days.

Next up, we headed to Pantai Cenang Beach to play water sports. We played banana boat (RM$90/~SGD$30 for 5 people) which lasted for about 15 minutes. There were other activities such as parasailing, wake boarding and jet ski tours etc but we just chilled around at the beach.

Banana Boat!!
Afterwards, we headed back to our guesthouse to wash up first before going to Bohor Tempoyak Thursday Night Market. It was smaller than expected but the food was really good and cheap, especially the mango and coconut shakes!!
Bohor Tempoyak Thursday Night market!

I would recommend trying their roti canai cause it's really fragrant and much 'doughier' than Singapore's. 

After our first round of dinner at the night market, we decided to try out Fat Cupid's Restaurant. The atmosphere of the restaurant was really good but the service was nothing compared to what we experienced in Haroo Korean Restaurant in the afternoon.
Fat Cupid's

I brought my own fairy lights to the trip and took a few photos with the fairy light garden setup and I think almost everyone in the restaurant judged us. The staff probably didn't know that we brought our own fairy lights and my friends overheard them commenting "how did they do that" when they saw that we had fairy lights around us. Maybe they thought we dismantled their setup LOL

That's pretty much marks the end of our first day!

Day 2
We started our second day by having buffet at NEST Rooftop cafe! It was RM$20 (~SGD$7) for buffet breakfast. The choices were quite limited but there was an eggs station and the overview of Langkawi sort of made up for it. It was a great experience but I definitely preferred our breakfast which we had for the next few days.
NEST RoofTop Cafe

Since NEST Rooftop was in Pantai Cenang area, we shopped for a little while down the streets and headed to Underwater World Sea Aquarium which was just down the streets. 

Tickets at RM$46 each!
We caught the penguins feeding time!

Next up, we drove to Sky Bridge and Cable Car!
Cable Car Ride!
The view of Sky Bridge from Cable Car

The cable car package was RM$55(~S$18) per person and upon reaching the peak, we could choose between taking a short nature walk for free or the SkyGlide (RM$10) to reach the Sky Bridge. We chose the nature walk which was rather a short walk down but torturous return journey because it was uphill.

I am super unfit someone help me
The entrance for skybridge itself was RM$5 (~S$1.70) and the view from the bridge was really beautiful.
Can I be the view too?

After which, we headed to Seven Wells Waterfall which was just a few minutes drive away. The walk from the carpark to the waterfall took about 15-20 minutes but the view was definitely worth it. Just take note not to bring about any valuables along because there won't be anyone to take care of your belongings when you play in the waterfall.

We tried many times for this shot cause I totally forgot that I can use my phone to control the GoPro camera LOL. But all is well, we finally got a shot that has everyone inside.

Later that evening, we headed to Ayer Hangat Friday Night Market. Even though it was at another location, many of the night market stalls were by the same vendors as the previous day's. However, if you really want to go to a night market, head for the friday one instead of thurday's as it is much bigger and has more stalls.

We then had drinks at The Cliff Restaurant and Bar which was located in Pantai Cenang area as well. I guess staying in that area would be great as well because the nightlife is really happening but the downside would be the noise level.
The Cliff Restaurant and Bar

Day 3
We started our morning at SkyTrex Adventure Park. There were a few activity slots to choose from and we chose the 10.30am slot and tried the advanced course. Apparently, the advanced course was less physically straining than the intermediate one but had more high elements and 15 zipline courses in it.
All ready for our adventure!
Despite being the less physical strenous one, some parts were really tiring, especially the parts when we had to climb up ladders to reach the top of the trees.
However, it was a really fun activity to include in the itinerary and all of us agreed that this was the best activity of our entire trip!
End of our adventure!

In the afternoon, we headed to Langkawi Wildlife park! We could have close interactions with the animals and the wildlife park was nice enough to let us take photos with the animals without additional charges!

Who said I'm scared of birds??
Waiting for the crocodile feedingshow!
 The park itself was not that big but was quite worth it for it's price! Would recommend if you have free time in your langkawi trip!

Chanced upon a beautiful sunset when we are heading for dinner
Once again, we randomly chose a spot for dinner at Pantai Cenang area because we did not know what to eat anymore. We headed to this place called Palm View Live Seafood Restaurant 椰林中华料理. Would totally recommend and it was one of our best meals in Langkawi with affordable pricing!

While we were having dinner, the staff passed us brochures of langkawi tours and we decided to sign one for our last day. It was RM$350 for a private 4 hour tour for 7 locations! Other than the restaurant, there were many tour agencies around Pantai Cenang Area offering similar packages as well! It was a rather good deal because when we headed to the location the next day, the same tour package was sold for RM$500.

Day 4
We started our day by checking out of our guest house and headed to Kilim GeoForest for the 7 location tour!

The entire tour comprises of these places: Bat Cave, Fish Feeding, Eagle Watching, Crocodile Cave, Fish Farm, some random beach and mangroves!

Meeting point to board our boat!

Bat Cave!
Most of the time was actually spent on the boat and the beach but it was a really nice break from the usual hectic city life!

At the beach!

It was the last trip for my summer and I'm really thankful that it happened and I had a really awesome and relaxing 4 days! I would say that Langkawi is a great choice for a short 3 to 4 days getaway!

As for this trip, some of the photos are taken using my phone while others are taken using GoPro Hero 6 which was kindly rented to me by LeasanyLeasany is an online platform which provides travelling essentials for Singaporeans from as low as $5/day for a GoPro(Other versions), which is a much lower price compared to buying one. They have many other models of cameras/drones available for renting and you can even rent bagpacks if you don't own one!
From nature, leisure to parties, Leasany got it all covered!

Here's a video I took fully using their GoPro Hero 6 which shows snippets of our entire trip!

Leasany is very kind to offer 20% discount to all my readers by quoting "christinenglt" for any rental service. Promo code is valid till 31st January 2019 so do hurry and book your equipment for your next trip!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading our 4 days and 3 nights in Langkawi!