Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day seven

"你追求的是一种浪漫感觉 还是那不必负责人的热情"
Day seven: my favorite childhood toys.
One of my favourite toy is a tweety bird that I had for my one year old birthday. It's still with me now and I guess the reason I like it so much is cause it's been with me for so long? However, it's in its most pathetic state now with one eye broken and colour faded:( however, I still can't bear to throw it away.  
My other favorite childhood toys are of course Barbie dolls. Love sewing clothes for them when I was young. Got a bit of fashion designer hormones leh LOL jk. 
Can't remember what else I played with cause I'm an impatient kid and disliked monopoly or board games of any kind. I preferred going to the playground to staying at home with toys. 

Anyway, was thinking whether I should blog about an event I attended weeks ago but since I have nothing interesting to blog about in this post, I shall talk about it here.

Attended the ettusais X theclosetlover 
Makeover on a Sunday three weeks ago (12jan). 
Went for a haircut before that and here's my hair before:D

 Can't say I miss It much cause I only cut two inches and the number of tangles decreased much significantly after cutting. Anyw, I can't stand it when some girls cut their hair short then complain about it for days on social media. It's like begging for attention and it's so annoying. Like seriously, either you don't cut your hair or don't complain either cutting. But guess I can't say much since it's their freedom of speech:')

Reached the place and Eugene did my makeup that day!

The makeup table *.* :
After makeup and changing:
Then I saw someone curling their hair and I decided to curl too. 
With my hairstyler:
With Rachel who went with me for the event;

Had quite a lot of fun that day and I liked the dress and ended up buying it:) gonna wear it for CNY yay!

*inserts last selfie*

Had a cupcake from there too:

Here are some of the photos from the shoot:

Met two nice customers jn and yesterday. Both wanted me to serve them even though I went to serve others after greeting them as they thought I could get commission. ( even though I won't get any ) I guess it's this little things that makes my day :)

And I've gotten my work uniform! It's very formal and I think I look older in it cause many people commented that I look like 19-26 after wearing it sobs :(

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