Sunday, January 26, 2014

5th day

5: a book that I love
Can't call myself a good reader so I don't really have any books that I love. But one book that I had quite a good impression on which I read last year was 'Frost'. It's a really nice book and I recommend you all to try it^^
I read magazines more often than I read books and one magazine that I love Is popteen!  Read my first popteen magazine when I was in sec one and I love it! All the clothes and models inside are so pretty :D
But sometimes I find it rather impractical to read magazines cause I either cannot afford the items inside or can't find it irl. :(

Anyw, I had my advanced reunion dinner on sat night with members from my dad's side! 

With my mama and cousin:)
With my fav cousin and angbao from my godparents:)
Some of the food;

New year seems to be coming too quickly this year and I don't seem to have enough time for spring cleaning:( 

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