Friday, January 10, 2014

Poly open house

Before I sat for O levels, I was very determined that I want to enter a university so I only had thoughts to enter a JC. Another reason why I wanted to enter a JC is because I did not want to choose any courses now as I'm afraid of making the wrong course choice at such a young age and regret for the rest of my life. 

Since young, I've always wanted to have my own shop, I guess that's because my mum used to have a bubble tea shop in RP and I went there almost everyday to help her out. However, the shop did not earn much and she eventually gave it up and got a full time job instead. Ever since then, the idea of having my own shop grew stronger. When I was in p6, I came across a blogshop and fell in love with a pair of earpiece. It was my first purchase online and I debated on whether to purchase the earpiece or not for days. After I finally decided to place my order, the online shop closed down LOL. I was glad cause I haven't made payment, even though the earpiece was only $10. But after that incident, I was determined to create my own shop and make it successful. Soon, I started my Shopper's Town. I guess the glor-iest moments were during my sec one and sec two times. I actually could earn quite a lot of money through my blogshop. However, after those years, the efforts that I put into my blogshop decreased and now its in quite a pathetic state la LOL. I was really into business previously and still am. I am determined to start my own business in future. 

Initially, I thought of securing a job and earn enough money and randomly start a business. (yeap, I really have no goals initially. My only goal was to start a business I guess.) 

However, one day at work(while ironing clothes LOL), I had deep thoughts about my future and thought that I wanted to create my own fashion label(dream big ok), and coincidentally, I read TP's coursebook that night and it had apparel design and mechanizing course. Also, I browsed through SP's course book and was very attracted to it's perfumery and cosmetic science course and I had thoughts of starting my own cosmetic lines (dream big again ok!)

So today, I went to both school's open house with Krystal! 

I couldn't find my earpiece before heading out and was afraid of the travelling time. Yup, I listen to my earpiece when I travel with friends most of the time because 我很怕 awkward. Thankfully, it wasn't awkward at all with Krystal. <333

Then, I met Jonas who brought us around SP! Also thought it would be awkward with him cause we haven't seen each other for 2-3 years even though we're texting sometimes. Thankfully, it wasn't that awkward too:)

The people at SP were rather nice and did quite a thorough explanation on the course that I was interested in. So, I left the school feeling more determined to enter the course. 
After that, we headed to TP to see the apparel course. Met up with Weiheng there who became our tour guide :) 

I guess at that point of time, I was still fascinated by SP's course and didn't really felt the excitement when I visited the course booth.. So, I left the booth feeling less fascinated by the course..

Afterwards, we went around to take ootds..

I was rather fussy with the photos and I think wh buey tahan us cause we kept wanting to retake the photos HAHAH xD
rate this photography skills please 

After I went home, I told my mum what I thought of SP's course.. Even though she still supports me, I could feel that the course wasn't what she wanted me to do. I'm really afraid of disappointing her and also afraid of making this choice that I might regret in the future. I have no idea what's my point of posting these and this is probably the most personal and wordiest post I've typed. I'm really beginning to worry about my future now urgh. Furthermore, I've only thought of joining the cosmetic science area this few days. I have no idea its a sudden hype or what but I can't imagine what will happen if I lose interest in this course in future. Should I play safe or follow my dreams? :( 

Ok, I think I'm thinking a little too much now cause results are not out yet...

erm selfie time I guess..

with the worse shades ever
Just bought this pair of shades in malaysia when I went there with my mum few days ago.. Can only say it sucks cause my hair will get stuck at the sides and get pulled off whenever I remove the shades. :(

Anyway, I changed my blogskin but the flipcard style can only be seen on computers so I thought I would post a screenshot of it here cause I spent about 2 hours trying to do this blog template..

And this is how a post would look like when you click on the flipcard hehe.

Thanks for sticking throughout this post<3 bye:)


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