Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I seem to have no say in my own future. Everybody seems to be already planning for me what I should do. Maybe this isn't what I want? Why can't people just give me a chance? I know I shouldn't disappoint everybody but there really is a limit on pushing all your dreams on me. 
Received my O levels results two days ago and to my surprise, I scored 6A1s, 2A2s and a B3. 
I wanted to go for sp's course but everybody seems to have this mindset that I should go to a JC..  
I remembered when I first transferred school and nobody believed that I could make it but I did my best and tried to prove them wrong.. Nobody encouraged me except my parents back then. But now, even my parents do not seem very supportive of my choice. Should I follow my dreams or follow other's dreams? 
I tried to compromise by saying that I'll take the diploma, but part time while I'm taking my A levels but I'm not allowed to cause they're afraid that I'll be distracted. So I have to wait for so many more years before I can do what I want? 

I really do not want to live in regrets.
I know maybe the path I am choosing now is hard, and may not get me a chance in uni. But I just want to be proud and say that I've tried? Instead of regretting my whole life away. Why can't people not push me down when they are already not providing me with any support? 

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