Sunday, February 2, 2014

Day eight


8. What I hope my future will be like.
Well, one of my hopes for the future is to get into a uni. Guess it's not really my hope but more of my parents'. But I don't wish to disappoint them so I guess I'll work very hard to get into a uni. But definitely in future, I hope to start a business. It doesn't have to be big, but just something that I'm able to call my own. Another hopes is that I wish I'll be able to purchase a house when I'm 35 yo(if I remain single) or 28yo (if I ever get married)

Im typing out this post as I am on a five hour bus journey to my grandparents' (mum's side) house in Malaysia so I guess I can write a rather long entry.
Did my cny nails two days ago after work. I wanted them to dry quickly so I painted a layer of gel polish over it. My nails ended up shinier than usual YAY.
Did my toenails too! Didn't apply gel topcoat over it though. I guess its cause previously, about two years ago, I painted my toenails with gel polish continuously for about half a year or more. Then I got infected with some fungus and I had athlete foot. It was one of the shittiest period of my life and I wanted to scratch my feet off every night.
Chinese New Year eve selfie:

31st jan
Woke up feeling super sick yesterday. However I couldn't skip work cause two days before, I told Lulu (my supervisor) that I will fake sick and take mc and not work on cny eve jokingly , and she said that if I didn't come on cny eve, she will know that I'm faking:') so my 乌鸦嘴 came through and I really fell sick:( felt super terrible during work but I managed to pull through :')
It was the last day I'm working with imbran so I took a photo with him!

So today, I woke up at about 9 and rushed off to my grand's(dad's side)  house which was at yishun to have lunch.
There were many goodies but everybody just told me not to eat :')
Ended up eating many chocolates and gummy worms anyw:p

My 初一 outfit. And in case you're wondering, I'm holding a beanie :D

Rushed home to pack my luggage and went out in about an hour or so. Reached Malaysia's custom at about 2.30pm but there were many people and we had to wait for super long. Queued at the wrong line and we had to requeue:') 
Crossed the custom at about 3.15 and we rushed to wait for the bus. But the bus didn't come and we rushed to city square to take a cab. On the way there, a taxi driver said he could bring us to Larkin at a fare of RM40. My mum almost agreed to his unreasonable request but I quickly pulled her away and we went to the taxi stand, which was only 2 minutes away. The taxi ticket only costed RM16. I still remember the last time I went to KSL with my mum and we got charged rm13 when the fare was only about rm7 so I guess it was a good lesson learnt since we did not get scammed this time. When we reached the Larkin, it was 3.57pm already and we quickly rushed to find our bus cause it leaves at 4:') 

At about 5.30pm, the driver stopped at some eating place and gave us 20minutes to eat and do whatever business we had to do. Ordered a bowl of mee rubus and ate with a speed that might win world Guinness record ;')

I really wish I can fall asleep now cause I've been staring into space for the past 2.5 hours and still unable to fall alseep:(


2nd feb 1am

Wanted to upload this post (above) just now but I only had access to wifi for about half an hour jn so I guess I'll continue from here.

For 初一 night, I had fun playing with fireworks, sparklers, firecrackers and many more :D
Woke up feeling sick on 初二 and I went back to sleep after eating until about 5pm. So practically my chuer was spent doing nothing:( 
And now here I am, still sick but can't fall asleep. 


Thanks for reading this super wordy and full of complaints post if you've even reached here.

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