Sunday, November 3, 2013

Trick or treats?

Celebrated Halloween for the first time in my life on thurs! 
camwhoring at the bus stop 

found a mask and wore it for a while :P
how do i look hahas

After that, we went to apply our makeup! I watched several youtube vids and decided to be a witch! 

makeup of the day
it was my first time trying out falsies and didn't really like it initially. I was a noob so the glue stuck onto my contacts and it came out :( and when I open my eyes big enough, the falsies can touch my eyebrows wtf LOL.
angeline look so innocent and i look so evil HAHAH

*wins the emo award of the year*
with kiantat and angeline :)
snapped another selfie cause how often am I a witch?
with pin jie:)
with jasmine :)
still had on my contacts for some of the previous photos but i removed thaem afterwards cause they were hurting me so badly :( I guess it was due to the eyelash glue.. so i was a blind witch that night and really hated it. My mood was affected so badly because of this sigh. Really cant wait till I'm old enough to do lasik  :D

Plus, my eyes look super 无神 for the next few photos cause I couldn't see the camera:( 

Shamelessly asked for photos with strangers that had nice costumes so here are some:

ok my eyes really cmi in this photo :(

I think this guy has the nicest halloween outfit that night :D
while I was taking photo with the "jack sparrow", a little girl came up to me and said 'trick or treats' three times :X felt a little bad cause I sorta ignored her :'(

*while the king tries to bless me*

this house was very nicely decorated :D
couldn't really see the decorations so I had to look through my phone's camera. Hence, I snapped the photo above.
轿子到 LOL 
group photo// without jasmine cause she left earlier!
all the candies:D
really had a great time that night! I guess if I have a chance to, I'll celebrate halloween again:) 

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