Friday, November 29, 2013

Bugis trip!

Have nothing much to talk about so I thought I should blog about the day when I went Bugis with Krystal and Priscilla since there are some pics in my phone^^


erm toilet ootd? 


Had a great day shopping+gossiping hehe <3
Got a job and I started work on tues! It was quite stressful at first but got better the second day!
The only downside of working is that I need to have my breaks alone and its super sad :(
Plus I had to find stocks quickly if not the customer will become very pekchek and I feel very useless sometimes. But I think its still easier than studying :X

hehe I have 1k views on this blog this month and Im super happy. thanks for reading^^
sorry for this super short post but I'll update on USS trip in the next few days^^

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