Monday, November 25, 2013

Birthday celebration

Went to celebrate Wenyi's birthday (advanced) on sunday, and also to shop for her prom stuff! 
Look of the day
Went to FEP and we walked for about 100 rounds LOL. Got tired and settled at Starbucks for a drink!
Toffenut//peppermint mocha
Toffeenut tasted nicer in my opinion, but to wenyi, peppermint tasted nicer :0
I guess its really different preferences haha.
Looking so bloated in this photo that two people called me fat sobs:(

Passed by the Victoria secret's pop up store and we popped in!
Took the quiz and both of us are the "romantic" angel LOL. Definitely don't find myself romantic though.

Played with the photobooth and we took 4 photos tgt. The soft copy was emailed to me too but I'm too lazy to retrieve it so here's a shot of the hard copy.

We then went to Ngeeann city and took a photo with the christmas tree.
Everybody is just saying "i love christmas" and I always wonder why they cannot change the 'mas' of christmas to 'ine' hais. LOL

Hello Wenyi, I know you're reading this now and I only posted this post up now cause it's gonna be/it already is your big day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks for being my best friend since p2 :) I know we can be best friends till forever cause I'm too awesome already LOL. Ai si ni <3 You're one friend that I'll never wanna lose cause you're really nice and sincere to me, while others are just fake and everything. Enjoy your day ok<3 

Was feeling very restless at home so I went for two job interviews! Got lost for the second interview cause Orchard was so big :( 
After the interviews, I was about to head home but JY asked if I wanted to go bugis so I went! 
Had wo ai taimei after about 1000 years! Even the wrapper changed hahas. The milktea definitely did not taste as nice as previously but its still nice so nvrm heheh.

Kwan wei is having her prom so she came over to my house for me to do her nails! Her school's prom theme was Candyland! I didn't have any ideas initially and painted her nails dark blue. I think I did an okay job only:( The topcoat however ruined everything because it smudged the designs zzz. Any brands of topcoat to recommend? Currently only used faceshop's and seche vite's but both will smudge hais.

I think the nicest is the ring finger cause it does not require any of my poor drawing skills. Really like her nails cause the nail bed is big enough for me to draw on. Really wish there is a way to expand my own nails or something:(

Ohwell, till next time! 

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