Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Say cheezeee

Took quite a lot of photos this week and I thought it woud be annoying to upload many to instagram so I shall upload some here. Realized that I'm treating this blog like a calendar so that I'll have things to read when I'm old..

Went to my gran's the other day and spammed quite a few photos with my fav cousin:D

then we decided to do this LOL
look like zai nv annort LOL


then I decided to curl my hair
first time learning how to use my hair curler properly even though I have it for almost a year already :'D

went to Swenwen's with Krystal :D
the food was super slow so act cute lo

tutorial on "how to use a touchscreen phone" LOL
Job interview ;D

Reached home about 5 plus and I was bored....

Had my hcl papers in the morning. I was super lucky because pamela told me that letters will come out and I studied, and it really came out :O Thanks:D
After that, I went to meet jj, k and yt for Swensen's again :D

food was super super slow so we took many zilians :')
group photo ;D
This photo was taken by the waiter cause she see us too zilian and had trouble fitting into one photo LOL

Jiajun stole my cap and I had nothing to shelter my head so....
after that, we went to some random playgroud to play colour catching. Ok don't judge.

Think I'm slacking a little too much already because there are still three papers.. ah well, I'll start tomorrow :')

Can't wait for the weekends! Till next time//

I need my own space
Please move off in a fast pace
Get me away from this race
If not I'll slap your face 

ok short "poem" to depict my feelings now HAHAH

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