Monday, November 25, 2013

Oh, My favorite Skechers!

Received an email from Nuffnang previously and I was debating whether to join the contest or not.. Ended up joining as I thought it would be fun to share how I would like to style my outfit:)
Shoes are really important because they really affect how your overall outfit looks. Furthermore, I tweeted before that I like looking at people's shoes on public transport so how shoes are worn are really kinda important to me. 
Only wanted to design about 3-4 styles initially but it was so fun putting the outfits together I ended up coming up with 8 styles/events : 
"The step swag style"

The shoes really create this effect of elongating my legs as it has a secret weapon- Hidden Wedges! Plus it was really soft and comfortable to wear when I tried it out! The leather material also made my outfit look more expensive even though I'm just wearing a tank top inside!
Normally when people wear tank tops, they would match it with slippers! However, that would make them look very underdressed if they're heading to town area! Hence, the shoe would solve this problem! 

Didn't dare to ask to try out other shoes that day so the rest of the photos are collages!

Off to prom style
Guess I wouldn't have 13 blisters if i've worn this shoe to prom instead. It can pull of the prom look quite nicely as well because it looks like a pair of boots :) Who say you need to match dresses with heels anyway~
"off to town" style
Really like the Daddy's money designs cause they look really chic!
Casual style
Casual but still looking classy!  No more plain and boring slippers! Furthermore, it has a little heels so you'll look taller :)
Lazy day style
Lazy to dress up but still don't want to look underdressed? This shoe can complete the pullover look:)
Simple style

Really love glittery stuff! And not to mention how this flats can make your outfit look more elegant! 
Sports look
Others will simply just stare at your shoe when they're running hehe.
Not too girly look?
Love pink and decked in pink all over and fear that you"ll look too girly? This studs on the shoe(disco baller) will add a little bit of edge so you wont look overly girly!

Do watch the video!

Till next time! 

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