Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Post exams

Finally ended all the major papers yesterday! 
decided to do a small 'celebration' so jasmine, eva and I decided to go catch a movie! 
Before the movie, We went to SPCA! 
I entered a cage with a shih tzu and while I was inside, jasmine went into another cage with a two month old puppy. It was a big mistake cause the puppy was super playful and gnawed on her shoelaces. After that, the dog became violent and started to tug at her skirt and left some holes there :( plus the dog started biting her wtf. Eva and I didn't know what to do and luckily, the spca person went to help her :X 

We were quite tramatised after the incident and didn't dare to enter any more cages :( But I saw this black furred dog, with brown highlights at the ear. I have no idea why but it attracted me a lot.  I normally prefer brown furred dogs to black furred ones cause they look kinda fierce. I observed the dog for super long and decided to pick up my courage and entered the cage. 
No regrets at all cause it was quite calm and nice. After patting it for a while, it decided to give me its paw for a handshake omg ^^ 
then when I was back-facing it, it put both its paws around me as though its hugging me  :D  
guess I really have fate with it since no dogs ever did that to me..
but its not HDB approved so I cant adopt it T.T 
hope it gets adopted by someone kind soon :(

after that, we went to Vivo! wanted to catch Carrie at first but we were little late plus Jasmine couldn't watch it. So, we ended up watching The second Sight.
Tbh, its the first horror movie I'm watching this year. I don't really fancy horror shows cause I'm super timid :( 
Its quite a nice show though! Not as scary as I thought and I even laughed at the ghost at one part wtf. scared until become sadist:(
After the movie, we went to get Magnum! actually, it was the reason why we went all the way to Vivo.  Really wanted to try it before the shop closes on 30nov!
We thought the shop was at the roof so we went there! the scenery was nice so i took a few outfit shots :P

we were comparing who is the more auntie one :P 
that daiso bag is mine actually :'D
no pics with Jas cause she is camera and blog shy D:
yay sentosa behind me 
so, after walking rounds, we finally found the shop outside Vivo LOL.
(the brown shop behind me)

chose milk chocolate for my base and gold nuggets, popping candy and rose flakes for my toppings. Nicest topping would be rose petals and least nicest is gold nuggets. Couldn't really taste the toppings though cause the chocolate was too sweet :( overall would rate it 7/10! 
After that, we went shopping and I ended up buying a top from f21 :D  Really broke now somebody save me. I'm like super cashless and I keep using NETS to pay cause well, I can't see the money anyw :') 

jasmine put a hat on for me so I camwhored :P
haha from the mirror, u can actually see the man judging me :'(
oily hair hahaha
had a great day and can't wait for O's to be really over :D

bye !

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