Thursday, November 14, 2013

Beach getaway

O levels is finally over today! Unexpectedly, I don't feel extremely happy.
Had a short break before my papers this week, so Krystal and I went to Sentosa on friday! <08.11.13>

mandatory touristy shot at Vivo

Our tickets! 
We were quite disturbed on the train cause there were two weirdos staring THROUGHOUT..
then krystal decided to take photo of them  LOL.
Then when we reached the beach station, we saw them walking to siloso beach so we went to palawan. But we got lost anyw and went to Siloso beach ite. Then suddenly and I have no idea how, they were behind us..
After which, we settled down and put our stuff at a shelter. They decided to sit near us, we felt super uncomfortable and decided to move. But they moved too wtf.
Then we went to the end of the beach and settled down there cause they were not in sight.

here are some pics:
so this is how my hair looks like at the back :0

hand cramped LOL 

then er our peace got disrupted again zz.

this time they realized we were taking pics of them and they jumped out of the water to pose LOL. Then Krys got very angry and pointed middle finger at them and they returned a twist LOLOL. 
So we moved and yeah they followed again zz. But this time, we are not as bothered and went for a swim.

ok the water doesn't look very nice here so here are the edited ones instead:

Act yige happy
<10.11.13> sunday

As for Sunday, my family and I head out to Marina Country Club to celebrate mum's birthday!

Some of the food that day

As for Wednesday, after Physics paper. Jasmine and I went to catch Ender Games! In my opinion, it was rather good. Afterall, its an american action movie so obviously it will be nice! The ending was a little disappointing though:(
After that, we went to Dhoby as I wanted to go Browhaus to thread my brows.
after threading
The service was rather good as the person was very friendly. But I think my brows are still uneven from previously sobs. I didn't want thin brows so I shall not make the left side any thinner. But the downside of the treatment is that the person will keep trying to promote their packages to you, which can be quite erm... irritating. Furthermore, the pain level is like 7/10 :(
Guess cause its my first time doing threading so I being more sensitive towards it. Then there were quite a few times that it was quite painful and I keep tou xiao LOL. So xinku omg.

After threading, we decided to go SPCA since we were near the cetral area. My favourite dog is no longer there. Felt quite disappointed as I went there (partially) for it. On the other hand, its quite pleasing to know that its already adopted :D

The dog above is super calm and since its a chowchow, it looked like a fluffy bear :D

However, I stupidly entered a caged with a puppy that looked so cute and calm.. But once I entered, it got so excited and started to chew on my shoes and gnaw at my legs wtf. Almost died of fright inside and left SPCA very soon after I got out of the cage :( Shall never enter any cages with puppies again.

Gonna dye my hair tmr and I'm kinda excited! till next time//

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