Monday, November 25, 2013

Class BBQ

Went to ECP for 4/6 class gathering on friday! 

I can spin a ball with a finger LOL
Took many retarded photos while waiting for Jasmine!
I'm a magician ^^

At the back of the car
Four of us were the first few to reach that day and we went to play volleyball! The sun was scorching(okay not really) and I was tired after only 20 minutes.
More people joined us in the game but I ended up just sitting on a mat cause I really have no intention to move.

Then Zihuan came to camwhore with me :D

After Volleyball/captain's ball, some of us headed to the sea to slack.
another selfie? 
sorry I had no idea what I was trying to do

Life felt really good at the beach cause there was nothing for us to worry about and I can just lie there for hours if I can.

The scenery was very nice and I decided to use my shades as filter..
shades filter
no filter//sunset
mandatory beach jumpshot
Jasmine <3 
Went back to the sea after eating with Xuesi and Jasmine and we had a very good time playing catching, talking and singing <3 Probably the best time that day^^

After eating, most of the classmates left. It started raining and hence, we rushed to the nearby shelter. After settling down, we had a game of blackjack X dares. The losers had to do forfeits which included chewing pocky tgt down to 3-6cm// feeding marshmallows and chips LOL. I must certainly admit that its the most exciting blackjack game of my life cause the punishment was dreadful LOL. But I think Ruixiang enjoyed himself a lot LOLOL. I remembered that I Banluck when I was the dealer and everybody had to do two times of forfeit HEHHE. Plus, I banluck-ed again after that ^^ Lady luck was certainly with me :D Really awesome time that day!

(sorry no pics cause we didn't want any misunderstandings.)

At 23:59, Zihuan whispered and told me to sing a birthday song for Jasmine. She saw us whispering and asked us what we were talking about.. AWKWARD. Then I made up the lamest lie and she believed HAHAHAH SORRY!

After the games and celebration, we cycled aboout 20 km to Changi Beach. Had bruises on my butt afterwards:( Was really tired after the ride and we played card games again. It started raining again at about 4am sigh. We were like homeless kids at the shelter sigh. Cold+Hungry+tired :(

Morning finally came after probably about 100 years.
Here's a pic of the stormy seas:

no filter//
Then the day became brighter and brighter even those there was no sun rise to be seen.
ootd//still same shirt sorry
The sea became calm and peaceful that morning though, really love waking up// having every morning at the beach :) 

After which, we cycled another 20 km back to east coast. I was dying and cycled the slowest :( 
After that, we walked to Marine Parade. Tried to sleep while walking and bang-ed into the wall wtf. 
I bet you can't believe this but I really fell asleep at one point LOL. 

After breakfast, I headed home for a shower and 30 mins power nap before heading out to Jasmine's house! 
We baked cookies and I think they're the nicest I've ever tasted cause we baked them hahahah. 
We were a little crazy and made a weird instavid, here, if you haven't already seen it : 

Thanks for reading//

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