Thursday, November 21, 2013

Jasmine's house!


Quite an overdued post but I only have time to finish resizing all the photos recently! 
Helped Jasmine out with her clothes as she wanted to sell them! Do follow us on carousell (@shophelicopters and @thefloraledge )
Here are some of the photos: 

my hands are super awkward ;(

I tied my hair without a comb:( 

I looked super blur ohman

thmm step HAHHAAH
All the photos were completed within two hours and we were kinda surprised cause we thought they would have taken a longer time!
Went to dye my hair afterwards. Was supposed to dye blue and red but ended up only dying red ends because there was not enough time.

no light//under light

After dinner, we went to the rooftop and the night view was amazing :D

Stayed until 9 plus then I headed home! Tried to dye my hair and I left it overnight because the colour would not soak in. Woke up with black hair anyway ~.~

Skipped work the next day cause I accidentally dyed my hands LOL. Its probably the most successful thing I've dyed that night.

Then I realized that my hair colour is only obvious when I camwhore in the lift so...

Not really obvious but better than nothing I guess!
Now that school's over, I have no more troubles of homework but facing the trouble of being jobless instead. Went for many interviews but all gave no response. Sigh why can't money just fly to me.

Came across a song recently and its a remix of almost all my favourite songs and thought I would share it here: 

Till next time!

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