Monday, December 2, 2013


27 nov '13
Went Universal Studios sg with Zihuan and Jasmine! 
Both of them went there before but it's my virgin visit! 

Forever spamming selfies with zihuan so.. 
selfies on the train
Mandatory tourist shot with the globe!

can you see a 'strap' on my shoulders in the photo? Its the mark left behind after I carry my bag sobs:(
We took the mummy ride first and it was so fun we took it two times! We agreed not to scream for the second try but I cmi and screamed a little when the roller coaster breaked. Noob much heh.
cant grow up so ....
with woodpecker!
the female and super qiao version of woodpecker? 
This woodpecker was super qiao and I buey tahan. Went to pull its tail and it started acting shy LOL.
Christine + Christmas 
hahhas can't help but remember that one of my friends wrote 'christine tree' in her answers in p3 and the teacher read it out :X thought it was me at first but it isn't haha yay. Does this photo above look like a Christine tree? :X

with Zihuan:) 
Idk what are these but they sure look unhappy :( 
Queued for the transformer ride for about 30 mins but I think its the most worthy ride! Enjoyed myself thouroughly during the ride:D
otw to far far away~ 

'this is my house' pose HAHAH

Ok last selfie with my 'home'
我的青蛙王子 <33  (my frog prince <33)

Muscular man hahas
Super pro dancers! One of them waved to us during the performance and me and Zihuan cannot stop spazzing HAHAHA shuai si le.
The angmoh's voice was so nice HAHAH almost melted :DDD

Took many selfies while waiting for the waterworks show to start!
sorry we're weird

*inserts random selfie*
Group selfie<3 
We didn't get to watch the show cause of the weather anyw:(
inserts another random selfie haha
Realized that my eyelashes make me look as though I put eyeliner even though I didn't o.o
"I'm so happy to be strangled" 
I guess that's all for the photos! Had a great day and I'm gonna go again cause I have the pass and I wanna utilise it fully HAHAHA sorry I'm an auntie :(
Till next time // 

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