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♥ Johor Trip with my girls ♥

After planning a Malaysia trip with my poly classmates for about a year; and after having many cancelled trips... We finally had our first success JB trip!!

We didn't really plan our itinerary for that day but our motto of the day was definitely to eat and to eat and to continue eating.

Our first stop was at HuaMui Restoran, which was located slightly behind City Square Mall (about 10 mins walk or you can just cab to Jalan Trus)

If you click on the link of the restaurant above, it actually leads to its good reviews. I'm surprised that people actually gave 4.5 stars for the restaurant. In my opinion, it should probably deserve only 3 stars for its service and food..

Hua Mui Coffee Shop 华美茶餐室 (Malaysia, Johor Bahru)
No 131, Jalan Trus

80000 Johor Bahru
Tel: 07 224 7364

Ordered Kampong Fried Rice, Signature Chicken Chop, Butter Chicken and Fried Kuey Teow.
The Kampong Fried Rice tasted quite okay but I would definitely prefer any other hawker anytime anyday. 
As for the chicken chop, the chicken and potato was quite tasty but the oil in the chicken came drizzling out.... A bit scary uh :b
The sauce was just average I would say!

Going on to the butter chicken, it gave us all a tiny shock when it arrived at our table because of its super unappealing appearance. It was very lightly coloured brown that it looked uncooked and served straight from the freezer.

Yup, it looks worse than how it looks in the photo because the photo above had auto white balance settings which caused it to be redly tin

However, we judged too quickly and it actually was the best dish of the whole table.

Didn't really like the Kuey Teow because it had not much taste in it.

This shop was our first stop and we didn't finish the food even though we only ordered 4 mains for 6 people.

After eating, we went further down the street as there was this famous store for selling banana cakes(WOOHOO!!!!

By the time we reached, the cakes were already sold out and we had to queue about 10 mins for the next batch to be done! And by the time the new cakes were out, there was already a long queue for it! 

Bought 10 pieces and I think I ate about 4 pieces out of the whole box.. Sinful much but once you start, you can't stop. Sobs at all the calories I've taken in.

Walked further down and we saw this Cafe "Bev C" and entered! This cafe also has a rating of 4.5 and I think it really deserved the 4.5.

Did not quite get the picture above as first as I could not read the sign at all and was trying hard to figure out what the name of the cafe was. It was only when one of the girls mentioned that the name was on the shadow then I realised. What a cool design omg! 

The atmosphere was also good and price was affordable. 

Even their plain water looked good omg :b

We ordered 3 pies to share among us and went to take some photos while waiting for the food to be ready!
Do I look studious now? 
ok Jokes aside I wish I am

While we were taking our photos, the power tripped.. :(
Hence, the lighting was the natural light coming in from the window! 

But it was okay because the restaurant was well ventilated and bright so the trip didn't really affect us.

When the power went back on, we headed back to our seats and took photos of the cake..

Here's the fun part again!- the second power trip.

However, it was to our advantage because we wanted to celebrate Peishan's birthday! 

So, when the background music stopped, I was like "There's no more music, I think we should make our own" and we started singing Happy birthday for her! 

Really hope that she was truly surprised by us hehe ♥♥

I think we were seen as a nuisance for singing so loudly in a cafe but bear with us pls :x birthdays only come by once a year :p

They had sketchbooks in the cafe which contained VERY, I must emphasise, very nice drawings. I didn't wanna destroy it due to my lack of artistic talents hence I just posed with the sketchbook only.

♥ Group photo ♥
Good Lighting:)

The cafe has two storeys opened up for customers and the first storey actually is a boutique which sells their collection of apparels! They had a big mirror so......
Proudly featuring our banana cakes!
Afterwards, we cabbed to KSL for some shopping and more food!
Heh, even though blackball could be found in Singapore, we were still looking forward to it due to the advantage of the high exchange rate! 
Also, we tried out their durian dessert which is not in Singapore's menu currently! Really hope they bring it in though!

Still must mention that blackball in one of my favourite dessert list :DD 

At about 6pm, we headed back to the customs area for the street food(laoniang's recommendation :p)

That was a truly erm.. unexpected experience.

Never in my life have I been chased away from my table while eating halfway!!?!1!! 

So the story goes like this; we ordered stingray from this shop and while waiting for it to come, we found seats nearby (about 2 tables away) and sat there. 

The seats were right in front of a Kuey Teow stall.

So while waiting for our food, Chinyee and I went to order more food from other stalls. 

We ordered chee cheong fan(which tasted awesome) and fried kuey teow.. The fried kuey teow had a long queue so we brought back the Chee cheong fan first! 

Note: we were still sitting there peacefully. 

After we finished our chee cheong fan, Chinyee and I went back to the kuey teow stall to collect our food.. 
When we headed back to our seats, one fierce looking auntie came over and started chasing us away and scolded us like some 泼妇.

We had no idea why.

Then we realized. 

We bought kuey teow from competitor's stall and sat right in front of another kuey teow stall.


We didn't even realise that that stall was selling kuey teow until she shouted at us LOL.

So, we were forced to move our chee chong fan, chicken and kuey teow to another table lololol.


And there she was; having 2 empty tables in front of her for the rest of the night because nobody realised she was selling kuey teow anyway. Or maybe her food just wasn't nice enough to attract returning customers.

STILL; I'm sorry if I'm sounding like a sore bitch about the tables but, if she let us sit at those tables,  people who walk past will actually think that the food are from her and be tempted to buy right?

So, we were sort of like 'promoting' for her even though we used competitor's food larh. But need to like that annort? >:(

But ohwell; hope she enjoyed the company of her two empty tables that evening.

Then our stingray came.. which was a bit of a mood lifter because all of us were in the dumps already.

Not an appealing photo but the lighting was so bad so...

Overall, I had a great day even though the last part was really a mood destroyer but I guess it did not affect our whole experience too badly! What matters most was that we went through all this together and already had our fair share of fun!

Can't wait for the next overseas(if possible) trip with my classmates again heh!

But sadly, the holidays are ending sobs.

Posted about my trip to Punggol Lalang Fields at the start of the holidays stating my holiday goals and its time to review them since there's only a day of holiday left.

-Read a book by myself in a cafe/library            (Completed)

Even though I didn't read because I wanted to but because I was waiting for my friend, I guess it can pass off as complete:p

-Visit a dog cafe                                                      sobs, till next hols xx

-Spend more time with my family                      (Completed)
Hehe glad to say that I've taken out some time to have dinner with my family whenever possible! ^^

-Say no to things that I do not want to do                sobs
well, I've said no to certain things but there are still some stuff which I haven't rejected so.. till next hols
Yeap, I'm so hardworking 
jk I had difficulty even opening the book

Thanks for reading! Love you guys!

This post is slightly different from my usual review posts// how do y'all find it? Do leave a comment below if possible to let me know :)

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