Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Time To Grill!

Friends who know me should know that I'm a big fan of mookata! For those of you who had not heard of it before, it's a Thai-style barbecue steamboat that is on the rise now!

Let me introduce you to Time To Grill, a Thai style stall having a wide variety of selection of ingredients for mookata!

Located at 431 Clementi, it is within walking distance from Clementi MRT.

Other than mookata, Time to Grill have also explored other areas of Thai cuisine!
Glad to be able to try out their dishes when Vivian and I headed over for tasting! 
Tang Hoon Salad
A delightful combination of glass vermicelli with juicy chunks of prawns, crabstick and many more ingredients! 
I found this to be a very interesting dish as the taste is rather refreshing due to the sourness from the lime juice inside! I especially liked the tenderness of the squid as it was cooked nicely! 

Rating: 3.8/5

Seafood Tom Yam Soup

Hot and Spicy- a must order when you're at Time to Grill! 

I don't usually drink soups as I don't like drinks that has temperature higher than room temperature. But this soup was worth me going against my "value" as its rich in the taste and every spoonful will just make you crave for more! 

Its very hard to get tom yam soups right but I must really commend on this one:) 

Rating: 4.6/5
Thai Basil Pork
A good choice if you're looking out for a weekday lunch! Proteins, fibre and carbs all covered!

 Rating: 4/5
Pork Cake
A food item similar to fishcakes, but made of pork. Signature dish created by Time To Grill!

Tasty and flavourful, but a little too salty for my liking.

Rating: 3.6/5

Overall, the food was tasty and quite to my liking! However, like most mookata stalls, Time To Grill is located in a coffeeshop setting. Well, this has its pros and cons. Pros will be that you get to taste authentic thai food at cheaper prices but the cons would be that the ambience would not be to your liking if you're looking for a quieter dining area and the area might get slightly warm in mid afternoon!
However, if you enjoy casual dining, Time to Grill would be a good place for you to try out!
Good food never fails to make us happy! 
Time to Grill
Blk 431 Clementi Avenue 3
Singapore 120431
Tel: 9848 8558
Opening hours: 2pm to 11pm

Thanks for reading! 

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