Friday, June 12, 2015

Pafrenz- Senior Academy

I've always wanted to make my own scrapbook but the materials were too expensive plus I didn't know how to start. So, I was excited when Pafrenz invited me to join a shadowbox making event! Basically, a shadowbox is a wooden box that can be used as a decorative mantlepiece in the house, but you decorate it the same way you do so for a scrapbook.

Hence, I headed down to Tanjong Pagar CC the other day to try out my art skills:p

The teacher prepared many pretty decorative pieces for us!

And here is one of the teacher's personal artwork themed "Paris", with unique items like bus cards and perfume bottles she collected from her trip to Paris!

Another unique artpiece:

We were spoilt for choices with the many decorative materials!

Cute Stickers
Flowers and buttons
Colourful ribbons
Delightful yarns
Pretty little charms

Listening intently to the teacher's sharing. 

Finally, we were ready to start on our very own shadowbox!

After about 2 hours, I was done with mine YAY!!

My shadowbox was themed "family" so I had it decorated with photos of my family members, I also wanted it to look floral-ish so I stucked on a chain of ribbon roses:)

With William, Vivian and her mum:)

With the other bloggers:

With my favourites:

I'm happy to have attended this ShadowBox event hosted by the People's Association Senior Academy as its a really relaxing event and gives us a chance to make new friends as well as spend our free time doing something fun:)

Senior Academy is actually an iniative by People's association to excourage seniors, aged 50 and above to pursue lifelong learning aspirations and lead an active lifestyle by providing accessible and affordable senior friendly programmes.

The programmes offered by Senior Academy is divided into three sections, namely:

1. Certificate in Senior Wellness Programme

Under this Programme, 10 enriching core and elective modules will be offered over a period of 4 months.

These programmes, taught by celebrity trainers or passionate PA trainers, are available in either mandarin or English depending on the demand of the class.

Seniors who complete this Programme will be able to be dressed in a Graduation gown and put on a Mortar board to receive their certificates during the graduation ceremony!

For this course, Singaporean/PR will only pay $50 (Passion Card member) or $62 (Non Passion Card Member) instead of the full price of $250.

These heavily subsidised price is only for year 2015, as part of the efforts for SG50's celebration!! 

2. Golden Hobbyist Series

This series comprises of interesting one-off elective courses such as the shadowbox course!

This series enables seniors who prefer ad-hoc learning to select and attend course of their interest and be affiliated to a group of senior learners under the senior Golden Hobbyist Interest Group[IG].

As a member of the IG, seniors will be able to earn free workshops/courses under the Golden Hobbyist rewards system!

Free classes! How great would that be:D

For this course, Singaporeans/PR can select the course of their interest and pay only $10 (Passion Card member) or $20 (Non Passion Card Member) instead of full $25.

For participants below 50 years, they will pay $20 (Passion Card Member) or $30(Non Passion Card Member)

3. Golden Work Series

This series comprises a variety of customized job-based skills workshop to enable seniors who are interest to do part time jobs to pick up some useful skills in the work industry.

For further queries, please contact Lifeskills & Lifestyle Division of People’s Association at:   
Tel83444129 / 90815580 (Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 6pm)    

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