Sunday, June 7, 2015

By the lalang fields

Met up with the CNOS4 people about two months ago to visit the lalang fields to take some photos!
To be honest, my opinion of the place was that it would be very romantic, cooling, pretty and purplish(?)

But I guess my brain sort of turned the word 'lalang' to 'lavender' fields LOL.
The trip was initiated by Vivian and even though its been about 11 months since we know each other, I really appreciated her friendliness and ability to take initiative in organising such trips!

Without her, I wouldn't have gotten to know Cherylyn and Jiahao better!!
"Friendship requires effort and energy to grow, no matter how established it is."

Really enjoyed myself this trip even though I had been complaining throughout because of the sun and my dress was kinda itchy. Taken quite a lot of photos that time I sort of spammed my insta feed everyday that whole week.

Messy hair don't care

If you love a flower, don't pick it up because if you do so, it ceases to be what you love

Taken this photo under the tunnel and I think it had the 'feel'. But I didn't post it on insta because I think my face looked kinda fierce.

Not sure if I've mentioned before, but I attended a school camp last holidays and I think it changed me a lot. I've been trying to find my 'true' self ever since, establishing deeper connections with people as well as try to be more genuine. 
Today is probably the real start of my june hols because I finally finished all the projects/interviews that I needed to attend to. Yeap, I headed for an interview this morning. Really hope that I passed it but I really do not know the expectations of the organisation so I do not know how I fared. 

After the interview, I relaxed myself totally and watched a movie, probably my first in months. Sounds surprising, but probably thats how long I haven't pampered myself.

Made a mental note to self that I will meet up with everyone that matters to me this holidays because as time goes by, I realise that not many people are left. and those who are left are probably the ones that I should treasure. 

Other wish list that I wish to complete by this holiday:
-Read a book by myself in a cafe/library
-Visit a dog cafe
-Spend more time with my family
-Say no to things that I do not want to do

Planned lesser work schedule for this holidays as compared to the previous holidays and I believe I will have more time for everything! Really looking forward~

Cheers and let us all enjoy our holidays<3

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