Thursday, July 9, 2015

Review: Pink Parlour

One thing about me is that I absolutely HATE ingrown hairs!!!

Recently, I've been wearing long sleeved tops/ wearing lesser sleeveless as I have ingrown hair on my underarm area. It took me four months to remove the unsightly black spot, only to get me a red spot, from the constant scratching and peeling of the skin in desperation to remove the ingrown hair.

And now I only can put lotion on that area and wait maybe two more months for the red spot to disappear. And I feel that the ugly spots might cause others to mis-think that I never remove my underarm hair sobs  :(

Hence, to be honest, even though I stated how excited I was to be able to remove my leg hair for the first time in my life  in my previous blogpost, I still had some hesitation as I read reviews online saying that waxing might cause ingrown hairs if not done properly.

On Pink Parlour's Hair Free day on 29 May, I headed down to its NUH's branch to try their service out!

I love the black, pink and purple themed decoration of the shop!! Totally chic!!

I feel like I'm in some sort of hollywood movie when I'm there hehe:) 

With Krystal and the shop's male model!
With another male model
After exploring the shop, Krystal and I were ready for our hair removal session!

Kinda excited :) 
Feeling quite safe for my treatment because the professional therapists always wear new disposable face masks and gloves. They also use pre-treatment formulations, such as pre-wax skin cleanser, hospital grade sanitizer that removes 99.99% germs and viruses and sanitizer for optimum sanitation before every treatment.
Applying wax
Sticking on waxing strips
Tada!! Can you spot the difference?

Left leg: unwaxed
Right leg: Waxed

The right leg appeared brighter than the left leg, and after waxing, my skin also felt smoother. Before waxing, I couldn't understand why my friend's always ask me to feel their legs after they shave/wax. But now I'm finally in the 'feel my legs' club HAHAHA. I remember that I kept asking my friends to feel my legs that day cause my legs felt so smooth and I didn't want it to be wasted:p

Starting on my right leg
Enjoying my back leg hair removing session:) 

You must be wondering why there are two types of wax right? The blue wax is for larger areas like legs, arms, back etc. The pink wax is for the more delicate areas like Brazilian and underarms! 

For the pink waxPink Parlour was the first in Southeast Asia to introduce strict waxing guidelines with “no double dipping rule” and ”no reusing of spatulas” since early 2006, setting optimum hygiene and sanitation standards in the grooming world. 

This practice eliminates any possible contamination in the wax pots. Waxes are heated to its maximum temperature at least once a day eliminating any possibility of residual bacteria.

All equipment are highly sterilised and packed individually, then stored inside cabinet and only opened right in front of the customer so you can always be assured that the tools use are 100% safe and clean! 

My thoughts and review: It's been a month plus since my treatment, and my leg hairs have already grown out, but much lesser in quantity and they appear less coarse (Despite the myth stating that waxing cause your hair to grown back thicker and coarser). 

As for ingrown hairs, I proud to say that I only found 3 ingrown hair on my right knee, which were easily removed with a body scrub :) 

Pain level: 1/10, you must have thought that removing so much hair from the roots at once would cause the pain level to be super high but nope, it didn't feel painful! 

After this treatment, I'm really excited to try out their awarded and fame brazillian waxing the next time I visit as Pink Parlour has been widely known as the first ever to offer almost painless Brazilian wax in 15 minutes!

In its 10 years of existence, Pink Parlour has won several awards in the beauty and grooming industry and has mastered the art and science of painless hair removal. 

Get smooth with Pink Parlour! 

Booking hotline: 6100 8266

SMS/Whatsapp Booking: 9613 6020

Instagram: @pinkparloursg

Facebook: Pink Parlour

A big thank you to Pink Parlour for the invite and much love for my readers to stay till the end! 

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