Thursday, June 18, 2015


Lately I've been thinking quite hard, I know I said that I want to let loose and enjoy myself this holidays, but reality is, there are still commitments to be completed, work to be done and deadlines to be met. 

People around me think that being a blogger is easy, and tells me how lucky I am to receive free stuff and there are many people trying to get into this industry, hoping to get more 'free' gifts/services etc. But truth is, there are difficulties in each career and blogging is not just about all these.

Recently, many of my friends are telling me that they don't like my blog as much as before because all I ever blog about nowadays is those official events, reviews, more reviews but very very less of my life stories. 
Initially, I thought that was what I wanted because I mean these are the ways that sponsors are looking out for, I mean, by looking at a professional blog would be much better than looking at girl who talks about her usual life hanging around with her friends in the eyes of a sponsor. 

I realise these are not what makes me happy and I'm not going to fill my blogs with only 'professional' blog posts anymore. I feel that there probably is no point in doing so.. My main reason for keeping this blog is because I want to keep track of my own life and maybe when I am 60 years old I can read my blog entries for a past time. I'm sure by that time, I wouldn't want to be just reading review, reviews and more reviews only. 

Maybe you will find this post easier to read/load compared to my usual posts because I uploaded the photos straight into blogger instead of going to a third party site(photo quality will be higher without taking up my google drive storage space).

And maybe you will find this blog post harder to read because the photos are not aligned at all because I have no idea how to align the photos if I do not upload them from a third party web.

But okay, less of my nagging. :p
I have this sudden strong urge to blog about my weekends because I really had an enjoyable weekend :)

I met up with Amanda for a movie on friday.. she was my best friend during my year in PHS. We sticked together in everything we did. From having recess to slacking at a nearby cheese fries shop. Really enjoyed the times we had together even though it was just for a year. However, I can't say that we put in much effort and over these years of being in different schools, we met up probably only twice. 

But I'm happy to say that one of my instagram photo caught amanda's attention and still being a concerned friend, she took the initiative to talk to me <33 
I feel bad because I haven't been doing so but I'm really glad that she took the first move to talk to me so that we are able to arrange to meet up on friday and had an enjoyable afternoon catching up on what we missed out these few years. 

As for Jonas, its really funny because we're both in SP and our schools are so near each other and I think I only saw him like twice throughout my year 1 in SP coincidentally LOL. 
I feel bad again cause I didn't really make any effort and we only met up once for coffee HAHAH ahpek.

And time passed so quickly guess who's bald in army now HAHAHAH. 

Then on Saturday, I headed to Jasmine's house to sleepover on saturday. I reached at about 3 plus and we baked some cookies. 
Hmm, probably the word baked is used wrongly because all we did was to mix the premixed powder with an egg and some butter and popped them into the oven. I was such a good baker that most of the work was done by Jasmine because I got so addicted into a new drama that I recently started watching HAHAHAH. 

Then, we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening watching movies. We wanted to go for a swim initially but ohwell, laziness got the better of us. 

As for the next morning, we woke up too late and it was too hot for anything to be done hence we headed shopping at orchard for a short while before I go work.

After work, I was excited because Junyuan, Kwan Wei and I planned to surprise Shunhui at his house. Such a pity Wenyi couldn't join us this year because its too late and she lived too far away:((

This is super weird but Sh actually doesn't like cream. YA IKR cream on a cake.. Why will people not like it:( 

Hence, we bought sponge cake for him lol. Anyway, how can a birthday celebration be without presents right:>>

We didn't know what to get for him since he seems to have everything he needs. We went around NTUC and got kinder surprise(for girls version), some drinks and also instant noodle.. I swear all our gifts were practical cause all were in used that night😂😂
Presents for the birthday boy! Yeap, stingray included:>

Then we headed to seven eleven and got a pack of condoms. Yeap these were in use too. How can a celebration not have balloons right hehe!
Wa but these balloons a bit too expensive and cannot even float:(
While we were downstairs preparing to go up

No videos because they can't seem to be uploaded sobs

Since we had nothing to do, 'we' cooked the Korean spicy noodles that everyone's been raving about recently. Ok la actually we didn't cook it. All the work was done by the birthday boy(it's his house after all 😌)

And I'm proud to say I had 9 bites before I started crying:')

pardon my face:( no edits 

Then Sh decided to play with his kinder surprise. 

God we haven't met up in such a long time that we actually talked through the night because there simply was so much to catch up on. But we were so drained out at 6am hence we had to put an end to our convo and head out for breakfast. Really can't wait for the next meet up alr!

Headed to Plaza Sing with ChiewXuan after cca that day and I'm proud to say that our friendship leveled up and we bought bras together HAHAH. 
It was an awesome shopping day because m)phosis had a great sale and I got myself 3 new pairs of shoes.
Talk about being a 败家女 I think I'm the best :)))

I guess that's a short update on my weekend! To be honest, It feels kind of weird to type out what I do over the weekend and my feelings and all because I'm not sure who will be interested in reading these but ohwell I guess what matters most is that I feel happy wriring them.

Thanks for reading, love y'all.

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