Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dazzlette Nails

Located at Bras Basah Complex, Dazzlette Nails is a wise and convenient choice if you want to have pretty nails! Just a few minutes walk from Bugis/Cityhall MRT, I easily located the beautifully decorated salon last thursday!

I was too excited to do my nails that I actually forgot to take full photos of the well furnished shop, will make up for it the next time I visit! Meanwhile, I got these photos from Koji :)

Even though Dazzlette is rather new in the vicinity, the owner, Koji, have years of experience as she previously owned a home based salon! While I was there, another regular customer was there doing her nails as well!

With so many ranges of colours, you will be spoilt for choice when you visit Dazzlette!  

If you have any events coming up and are looking for a nail design to match that particular dress or bag of yours, just mention it to Koji and she will whip up a design for you! 

Do check out their instagram @Dazzlette_Nails for the other designs they did! 

One particular design that made me impressed was the set of nails Koji designed to match a phone case! 

For myself, I wanted a set of sweet pink nails with florals and yay! Wish granted at Dazzlette :D

Ever since young, my nails have been small and I remember my piano teacher laughing at how small my fingers and nails were on my first lesson.

And all these while, I've always been envying people with larger nail beds, especially after I turned 14!

This is because having small nail bed makes nail design very very difficult and I was really very crazy over nail art then!

However, Koji's skills made up for my small nail bed and I was still able to have acrylics and detailed nail art on my nails!
Happy girls have pretty nails! 
No marks for guessing my favourite snack! 

For this design, I especially loved the acrylic flowers and I received many compliments about it:)

Its never too late to pamper yourself! If you want to have pretty nails like mine, just pop by Dazzlette!

Dazzlette Nails

231 Bain Street Bras Basah Complex
#01-71 S(180231)
Instagram: @Dazzlette_Nails
Facebook: Dazzlette Shop

For appointments/equiries: 9099 9928/ 6333 4221

Thanks for reading! <3

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