Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How I celebrate the start of holidays

I realise that nowadays I am very easily influenced by social media. For example, I saw quite a number of people posting pictures of pretty macarons from 7th Cylinder and I decided to check it out!

Since yesterday was the last day of exams, Mieko and I decided to do a mini celebration of our own and headed there! 
The cafe was surprisingly quite easy for us to find even though it sounded quite ulu. 
It was motorcycle themed and really set a nice and cosy ambience.
Helmets and Polaroids

Display of macarons
I didn't really have trouble choosing which one I wanted because I went for looks.. 
After ordering, we were given a "battery" to indicate our order number.

And yeap, in case you were wondering, I chose Berry surprise.
Berry Surprise- $8.90
It is just too pretty to be eaten. Being shaped like an oyster with a mother-of-pearl makes it even more precious.
I think I look a little too happy here lol.

Cheesy Oreo- $8.90

As for Mieko, she got herself cheesy oreo! 

Taste wise I can't really say I loved mine that much because I thought that it was a little too hard for my liking. And I did get a little 腻 of it at the end because the cream was a little thick. Overall I think I would rate it a 6.5/10 for the taste. 
Ambience wise I would give it a 9/10 because I did enjoy my time there.
After our snack, we headed out to take some ootd shots.
Noir Blanc

After lazing around in Bugis for a few more hours, I headed to Mieko's house and we played candles to celebrate Mid Autumn! If I'm not wrong, the last time I played with candles was probably about 2 years ago and I really did enjoy myself yesterday! Her brothers were really cute heh and makes me kinda envious and I kinda want a smaller brother for me to dote on too :x

Really glad to be able to say that Sem 1 of poly is over! It had been tough at times but I'm glad I pulled through. My holidays don't seem to be any easier than school days as I'm occupied with something everyday for the whole of September already. 

But I can do this and I will do this.
Thanks for reading.

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