Thursday, August 14, 2014


Been posting too much event posts recently and I think I haven't touch much on my personal life. So, today I will not blog about any events but on the topic expectations. It's finally week 17 of poly life which means that it's our projects submission week and it's gonna be our exams soon. Thankfully, all of my projects are completed on time and hence, this week is not that hectic for me.
 In the previous weeks of doing my projects, I realized that I wasn't really happy during some of them. Is it because I have too high expectations? I really don't understand but why does some people not want to do their best when this grade can subsequently affect them, be it small or at a large scale. I actually felt annoying during some project discussions when I tried to push some of my proj mates. But why, isn't it human nature to want the best?(unless the thing don't matter to you) For example, when I was told that one of my projects couldn't get an A, I went home and touch up on it with my partner. But why is it that for other projects, I felt that it wasn't enough but others actually felt that it was enough. I agree that ever since I came into poly, I worked harder than I ever did in my life because I just wanted to prove to those that looked down on me and despised me because I entered poly. But somehow they think because I entered poly, I'm not allowed to actually expect anything or actually do well? For example, when I told one of my relative I wanna get A for my test, she actually told me not to be greedy?!? So am I supposed to just be satisfied with what I'm having now? I thought since young, people always told us to do our best in everything but why is it that when we wanna give in our best, you all actually discourage us? 

I guess I should stop ranting because I shouldn't spread unhappiness to my blog. 
On a side note, It's finally Thursday! Been waiting for today for such a long time cause its a day for Sunday folks! 
But before going, I had my first blood donation:))
So happy cause I got a pink bandage!

Ootd credits to ChiewXuan

Somehow the angle doesn't seem correct:')

Overall I would rate it a 7.5/10 I guess! It was a little overrated plus the waiting time was really too long. We ordered at 4.30 but it only came at about 5.10? Plus my french test was at 5.30 in school so I was rather impatient throughout. The soft serve was very nice and I will definitely go back for it:D

Good day only comes when there is good company!

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