Monday, September 29, 2014

Happiness is part of the holidays

Time passes so quickly whenever we are having fun and its been three weeks since the start of the holidays! Means that there are only three weeks left for me to enjoy..
Done quite a lot within the past three weeks so I'm still quite proud of myself because I am able to enjoy myself by going out and also earn money working at the same time.

Met up with Vivian about two wednesdays ago and we headed to Sukiya Bugis!

She really loved this buffet place and went to it so many times! :0 We had Kimchi and Sukiyaki soup. She told me that the record she had with her friend was 15 plates of meat so I said that we will have 16 plates of meat that day. But we only made it to 8 plates haha :') I love how they have so many cheese-related food!! So yummy and I even scalded my tongue due to the hot cheese:(

After eating, we headed to Bugis street to shop! It was a lucky day so I found many shirts that I liked^^


I wanted to try on my purchases hence the sudden change of outfit in the photos below.

Thought I was young enough to enter a swing to take some shots but I bumped straight into it and almost had a concussion. 


Had cravings for desserts (despite having buffet earlier on) so we went to Blackball! 
Gained about 3kg in these three weeks but I cannot control my cravings for food.

Anyone having the same prob?:( 
I'm gonna go for a jog after this because yesterday I said tomorrow. (powerful nike ad lolol)

Hope you guys have a great holiday as well and jiayou for all those having promos! 

Thanks for reading!! 

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  1. I like your new template! Hahaha, I used to use this blogger template. T.T

    Until now I still haven't try sukiya before sia, so suaku. Anyways, I nominate you for Liebster Award, check it out! x

    Angelus ||