Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Small haul!

Set a target of not buying any clothes for a term and I'm proud to say that I still haven't broken my record! However, I bought a new camera!! Read a few reviews about it online and afterwards, I headed over to Carousel and browsed through the photography section! To my surprise, I saw the camera I wanted (brand new) selling for $200 cheaper than outside as the seller won it in a competition! So I told the person to give me a few days to think through it. He told me that he was negotiating the price with another person and being an ambitious person, I wanted to win so I told him I would meet him the next day. So yup, I've gotten myself a new Samsung NX mini! No idea whether that was his marketing skill or there were really others interested but wow he was really good in selling lolol.

Anyway, Mitju announced their Instagram post winner and I'm proud to say that I've won second($200)!!
 Ceri(@mukirec) won the voter prize of $100 for that post and gotten herself a bag and a pair of tictacshoe with accessories!

So, I headed shopping with my mum with my vouchers!
Got her a bag and got myself a pair of shoes, handbag and shades!

Spent $205 in total! So worth it for four items (plus the fact that I paid $5+ only)

Thank you all for participating though! I'll have a giveaway this week so do stay tune!

In order to test out my camera, I decided to do a short video on my items I got from Mitju!
BUT SADLY, blogger converted my video when I am uploading so I ended up with this super poor quality video that only can be viewed on the computer sobs(all my efforts). 

(awkward blank space here if you are reading using your mobile phone)

If you guys have any suggestions on how to upload quality videos do tell me please!! T.T

Hope you guys enjoyed this mini update!

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