Sunday, September 21, 2014


Super long picturey post so I'm sorry I'm too lazy to photoshop any photos in this post!
Headed to Sentosa two fridays ago with Krystal to buy tickets for Halloween Horror Night next month! We're really looking forward to it as both of us missed it last year due to 'O' Levels.

After getting our tickets, we went over to Palawan beach!
Love of my life

Still not really used to my camera as I tend to look at the screen instead of the lens when taking selfie lolol.
Monorail selfie

Afterwards, we headed over to Harbourfront Centre to have our lunch! So happy to say that we each got a dress at $10 when its usual price was $42.90! #auntiesBff

Met up with Apollo at about 4pm as we wanted to surprise three of our birthday boys!

Took a group photo before meeting Clarence at Sentosa! Everybody just kept laughing when I tookout my tripod for this photo LOL. No idea how to focus the camera on timer mode so a blur photo will do.

Bought the islander pass that day so I really wanted to take the monorail but everybody wanted to walk so I walked.. with probably about 5 complaints per minute sorry hahaha.

Reached Palawan and "surprised" the three guys by throwing flour on them! The helium balloons flew away unfortunately. But I guess what mattered most was the thoughts :>
Ceri & Bev

Was super tired that day and I kinda was in a bad mood.. I didn't have any spare clothes so I was quite cranky when some flour got onto me. Now to think of it, I feel damn guilty for acting like a spoilt brat:(

Didn't wanna play any games so I sat at a corner and took pictures of sunset!

Then I became the bartender of the day and mixed some drinks :D


Left early as interaction race was just in a day and I wanted to prepare myself! (Can you believe that I actually signed up as a GL heh.)
Waited for the beach tram for about 20 minutes and I finally saw a sign saying that service was suspended between 7-8.30 lolol. So I walked and along the way, I saw this beautifully lighted tree.  It was really breath-taking in real life but sadly, photos don't do it any justice. 

Why can't everyday be play all day 

Heading to malaysia to meet with Zh and SL in a few hours and I'm so excited for cheap KTV, shopping deals and good food!! 
Hope you all have been enjoying your holidays too! Thanks for reading! 

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