Thursday, September 25, 2014

Le Spa Gemmill Lane

Placed an appointment with Le Spa on 15th of Sept as I had a rather busy week before(with all my trainings and work).
It is tucked away at Gemmill lane, which is near Telok Ayer Mrt station.
The night before my massage, I texted Bernice, who went a week before me to ask where Le Spa was located at. She told me it was at Telok Ayer Station... But me being me, I reached Telok Blangah at about 12.15pm and tried looking for Gemmill Lane :')
Then I checked my phone and realised I went to the wrong place.. My appointment was scheduled at 12.30pm and as I didn't want to leave a bad impression for being late (even though I think I did), I called them up and said that I would reach at 12.45pm. I reached the station at about 12.40 and called them up again to ask for directions. Misunderstood the directions and I ended up walking around Telok Ayer for about 20 minutes LOL.

Reached the place at about 1pm and I felt stupid for being lost cause it was super accessible. Thank god the staff were very friendly so I immediately felt at ease.

Took photos of the directions on my way back after the massage and it really was easy to go omg.

The photos are a little blur as something got onto my lens but I didn't realise:(

1. Exit via Exit A. U will see a bus stop at the exit, turn left.

2. Walk straight down the lane and you will see the traffic junction. Cross the road.

3. Continue walking straight and you will see a zebra crossing. Cross it.

4. After crossing, look left and this is what you will see. Walk straight until where you see a small "junction".

5. Turn right at the small "junction" (where you see the uncle below)

6. You will see this location, walk straight down this alley and you will see Le Spa on your left.

Le Spa - Oriental Massage,
14 Gemmill Lane (Club Street)
Singapore 069253

I was brought to my room which was down this beautifully lit corridor.

Selfie before my massage!

Changed into a bathrobe
Le Spa offers three choices of massage:
1. Le Urban Fushion (LUF)
2. Le Royal Balinese
3. Le Classic Swedish Retreats
I chose Le Royal Balinese and I thoroughly enjoyed myself during the 90 minutes. The massage at my arm and neck area felt the best because they were really sore from trainings and work. I loved how the massage oil were not too strongly scented and did not affect my activities after the massage. My masseur had many years of experience. She seemed to know where my sore areas on my body were and helped me ease the ache with her magical pair of warm hands. After the massage, I had to rush off somewhere so I didn't have time to use their shower facilities. And I was so surprised when she helped me wipe off the essential oil with a hot towel. I felt so princess-ey because none of the spas I've ever visited done that for me after massages. Thumbs up for their wonderful service!!

After the massage, I walked around Le Spa a bit and they have couple rooms for friends who wanna do the massage together too!

Happy me!
Looking so sleepy because I was really close to falling asleep LOL.

Really thankful to Le Spa for having me! They are open 24/7 so do give them a visit whenever you are free!  (If you want the same masseur as me, her name is Apple.)


Met up with krystal afterwards and continued my enjoyable day at Ktv! 

Thanks for reading!!

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