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I was in class with Doreen when we started talking about how bloated we feel sometimes. Then, I mentioned about Skinnymint to her and a review that I read about it online. It wasn't from a celebrity blogger or anything so I thought it should be rather reliable because they really blogged from their experience. The result of this particular blogger seems so amazing that I was really sold. 
Doreen then told me that she had been wanting to buy Skinnymint too and was looking for people to buy the BFF 28 day pack with her! So we checked that out right in class that day!
So happy because I saved about USD10!:D 

And Yeap, our skinnymint came!!

BFF packs

I took some photos of my belly on the first day(before my first drink) 
So the effects after drinking Skinnymint was definitely to visit the toilet more frequently! After the first week, I headed back to work and I was glad to discover that my work pants felt looser than usual! I didn't really take any photos in between because I was really lazy:p 

But here is one photo I've taken after my once in a million years abs workout!  So glad to actually see some lines cause they never appeared after my workouts before I started skinnymint!
The main difference however was not in my belly but in my legs as observed in my ootd photos and commented by my friends!
Week 1 when I started Skinnymint

At the end of week 1

Week 4 of taking SkinnyMint
 See the difference omg! In all photos my legs are positioned in the same way but my thigh gap in the last paper is just yayayyay!! It really was a pleasant surprise to see my legs slimming down as it wasn't really one of the intended effects of the tea. But I guess if you slim down during detoxing, you will lose weight from all over the body?

day 1(left) and day 28(right)
As for the stomach area, I lost about 1-1.5" , along with a weight loss of 2kg. The photos on the left are on day 1 whereby the photos on the right are from day 28! My stomach became less bulging and at the bottom photos, it is very obvious that my stomach was more toned and it is more curved onwards at the bottom right photo! 

Didn't gain abs though because I didn't exercise often:') 

But overall I'm still very glad that I tried this out because it definitely helped in cleansing my body, reduced the bloat in my stomach plus slimmed my legs down!

To be honest, I was contemplating about whether to blog about my experience with Skinnymint or not because I wasn't really comfortable with the idea of showing my belly. But since there are really results, I thought I should be proud of it and hence, I still drafted out this post. Sorry for the delay though, was really busy during the exam period!

Talking about school, some of my classmates tried out Skinnymint too! One told me that she stopped after about 1-2 weeks cause she already reached her targeted weight omg!!

Empty packet because I finished it!


Thanks for reading and cheers to your healthier lifestyle too! 

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