Sunday, October 5, 2014

Trickeye Museum Resorts World Sentosa

Thanks to TIN, I got a chance to visit TrickEye Museum! Brought Doreen along with me and it was a super good choice because she was very daring to pose for photos which made me less shy to do so too! I'll be separating this blog post into two parts so it won't be that lengthy!

I'm sure everybody have heard of it since its arrival in Singapore so there is no need for me to explain into too much details. It is basically a museum that turns two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional images through the use of optical illusions. (And its the first museum that I didn't get bored of) 

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Christine.  She lived in a kampong called Singapong. Singapong is a beautiful place which has a long stretch of river with gigantic water lilies.

Everything was wonderful until one day, she saw an evil spirit and played catching with it. The evil spirit lost and she wanted to play a trick on it. So, she pulled its pants off. 
Out of anger and embarrassment, the evil spirit turned Singapong River into a lava river.

The river destroyed everything overnight. Christine lost her family and friends and headed out to another Kampong. She had no choice but to beg in the streets for a living.

She begged for three years until a tourist came, took pity on her and decided to bring her along his journey.

He was a ballet teacher and taught her his dancing skills. 
To impress him, she took on latin dancing.

Her dance partner, Emily, fell in love with her unexpectedly..

Christine was however deeply in love with her dance teacher..

She wanted to give up latin dancing because she wanted to avoid awkwardness with Emily. Disappointed in her lack of passion, the dance teacher left her.

No matter how much she begged, he never came back.

Devastated, Christine left the Kampong and headed to another Kampong. She found a job in the circus there and learnt some tricks.

Effortless handstand.

Just when she thought she could settle down....
Emily sent a giant baby to take revenge on Christine for breaking her heart.

She was thrown into a tiny dungeon and later, pulled away by Emily..

To her surprise, Christine's head fell off.

Emily was so shocked that she tied Christine to an elephant and tried to throw both of them down a cliff. Christine hung on for dear life...
but she couldn't hold on anymore and eventually let go of the elephant.. falling into..

Poof..!  a dolphin appeared and saved her from being lunch.

She was so afraid and so she wished: "I wish to go to a place where nobody knows me and I can start anew"
Poseidon(god of sea) heard her and turned her into a mermaid.

And she lived in the ocean happily ever after.. (at least she thought so....)

If you guys are interested in visiting Trickeye Museum, you can check out their ticketing prices here :

Thanks for reading!

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