Monday, March 31, 2014


Went to camp colosseum for the past weekend! Probably my best weekend for this year because I've met so many new friends<3 
The best part of the camp was probably the night walk! When it was our turn to go, we were super lucky! Due to the time constrain, we were the first group to go in fours( previous groups went in twos). Since there were so many people, we were not scared already! During the walk, Alicia and I kept singing "because of you, I am afraid" to the "ghost" LOL. And we kept saying stupid jokes which made the whole journey super enjoyable yay! When we finished, there were people telling us that we were the most hilarious group to complete the walk heh. 

We had the amazing race the second day! Even though it made me become super tanned, I must say it definitely made us become super bonded because all the tasks were so impossible:') the worst forfeit we had was when we had to lie beside each other and roll over each other. The sand was so hot and so painful against our skins T.T 
The "best forfeit" we had was doing the 50 Buddha claps while crossing the bridge^^

Since the second night was the last night, we decided to stay up and talk!
It was so interesting to find out everybody's ECs during the camp! *inserts star-strucked face emoji*

3am selfie?

On the bus back to school and we decided to do the act chio pose.
Also, I learnt from the camp that the three main first impressions I give people are: "china/bimbo/ahlian" FML HAHAHA.

As for Monday, which was one day after the camp, we decided to go KTV! 

So glad that everybody dared to sing out loud even though it's just our first outing tgt! 

Great day with Great people!

Beginning of new friendships <3

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