Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 12

Forgotten all about my 30 days blogging challenge until I scrolled through my blogger app! So here is it, back at day 12.
Five weird things that you like.

I thought this question would be easy cause I'm rather weird but it's quite hard to ans omg. I guess what I like would obviously be normal in my opinion. And why would I know that it's weird to others LOL. But here's 5 I guess.

1: I like to stare at people's feet/nails when I'm on the train.
2: I like to shake my leg in class. Didn't realize this last time until my partner started complaining HAHHA.
3: I like to walk behind people when going out. Somehow, it just feels weird to stand beside someone. 
4: I like to stare at the floor when talking to people I'm quite close with. If I keep looking into your eyes when talking, it probably means that I'm afraid to appear rude.
5: I like eating my mcdonald's sausage with grape jam. 

Met up with Zihuan at bugis two days ago after my gym class! We dined at Manhattan fish market and I was so full that my stomach hurt and I felt like throwing up.
I look like I have purple hair HAHA.

Shopped around and headed to work afterwards!
Can't wait for the next meetup alr^^
Recovered some of my photos from iCloud's backup and here are some photos that I think I haven't posted.

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