Thursday, March 20, 2014

Unwrap Good Times With KFC Bandito Pocket!

Feeling unimportant is probably one of the worst feelings in the world.

Lost my phone last month and I guess it was one of the worst periods of my life. I felt moody for the entire 9 days that I didn't have a phone. People that I thought would show more concern to me didn't bother contacting me. I was upset over my carelessness and still have hopes of retrieving my phone. After I got my new phone, I thought I would feel better but I still feel bad. Spent quite a lot of money to get this phone and now,  I cannot afford to purchase a new notebook by myself and have to go in debt(to my mum). Didn't think that money would be so important until I really need them. 

I guess the reason why I feel so upset is that I do not like to depend on people, so lending money from people, including my mum, hurts my ego. (especially since it is such a big sum)

And also, there is this guy, lets name him NZ. I've liked him since a long time ago. I have no idea what I see in him actually but I just know that I like him. Apparently, NZ is quite popular with girls and I always feel quite jealous whenever I see him post a photo or anything with other girls. Previously, he made me feel quite important. Especially during my exam period when my motivation level was really low. I guess I shouldn't over-think and thought that I was important because he treats everybody the same way. But now, we rarely contact. I don't even know what I did wrong or what happened. Its like I'm just left here, alone. But I guess anything said via SMS should not be believed because it is so easy to say things online, even if you don't mean it. 
 Maybe, I'm just not good enough.

I guess complaining about life is not doing anything to help with the situation other than making me feel a little better so I wanna wrap up all these up and unwrap the good times! 
I will be more careful in future and will not lose my valuables again! I guess on the bright side, I've learnt the importance of money and might not splurge on unnecessary stuff again. (note: might not).

I should not lose the moon while counting the stars. 
I saw this tweet recently saying something like "the person that matters most to you at 16, won't matter when you're 25."
So, all we need is time to wrap things up nicely! :')

Anyway, good times are really gonna unwrap for me cause school is gonna start and my birthday and all the camps are coming!

But lets not unwrap good times by ourselves! 
Lets..  Unwrap good times with KFC Bandito Pockett!

KFC Bandito Pockett packed with so many tasty ingredients, 100% chicken fillet marinated in signature hot & crispy flavor, served on a bed of fresh lettuce, with salsa and mayonnaise, all wrapped in a tortilla and toasted for that extra crunch. It is every KFC fan’s favourite wrap! Try it now to enjoy a good time!

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