Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Another wednesday

Had my off day yesterday and I headed to somerset with my mum! The main motive for this trip was to get a new phone. Previously, my dad dropped his phone in water and we thought we could exchange it with a new one for $380. 

However, his old phone needs to undergo a phone evaluation to see if it qualifies for an one to one exchange. Somehow, I do not have high hopes for this exchange because he sent the phone to a neighborhood repair store previously. I fear that some of the phone parts have already been exchanged. 

So, I ended up not having a phone to go home with yesterday.

Yesterday's outfit

I don't believe in giving up in anything I do so we headed to the gym to see if we could check out the CCTV footages, the management did not approve and told us to liaise with the police to gain approval before we can view the footages.

So, my mum and I headed to admiralty's NPC to make another report. While waiting for our turn, there was a visually disabled man making a report. I overheard his story an felt that he was super helpless. Apparently, he got his phone for only three months and does not really know how to operate it. I believe his phone has this shortcut function that allows him to call the police whenever he meets with an emergency. He accidentally called the police about three times since he got the phone. The police thought he was trying to prank them and sent him a warning letter, saying that they will take action if they received his phone calls again.

So, he went there to make the report, hoping that the police would understand his situation because somehow, he accidentally called them again today. The officer was trying to help him and asked him if he could unlock his phone for them.. And all that man replied was: 我不知道,我眼睛看不见(I don't know, I can't see.)

At that moment, I felt very upset for him. I know the officer did not purposely ask that question to hurt him or remind him of his disabilities. All of us seemed to have taken everything for granted and was so used to having our eyesight. I don't know how the man felt at that moment but I was definitely upset.

Maybe all of us have taken everything for granted and became too comfortable with our surroundings.

Ever since I lost my phone, whenever people say they want to contact me, they will say: "I'll whatsapp/text you" even though they know that I lost my phone. Its like some sort of habit that people only contact each other via devices. Ha ha I really don't know why I'm typing this but I have this feeling that I have no idea how to explain out in words.

But through this incident, I saw who really cared for me. Proud to say that my 知心朋友 checked my last seen and thought I got into an accident or something and downloaded twitter just to check if I was alright. Thanks:') (you know who you are)

Shall not continue to dwell on my lost phone so here's another story. There was this lady who waited about one and a half hour just to make a report.  She was trying to lodge a complaint against her neighbor who made a lot of noises which disturbed her. She complaint that her neighbor called her "老auntie, 去住公寓" (old auntie, go live in condo) when they argued the night before. She reminded me of my downstairs neighbor. The scenario was so similar. I told my downstairs neighbor that even though she was so old, she do not deserve my respect at all after she scolded me that I 目无尊长.(have no respect for elders) I also told her to go live in bungalows..

Felt super evil because I kept smiling when I saw the police telling her indirectly that her complaint was rather useless. "Even if you get a report, that paper can't help you much." Shall vote this for my favorite sentence of the day ^^

Headed home and it felt super good to remove my skinny jeans and heels to be in tee shirts and fbts.

Its hard acting like I don't care cause I do.
Did you mean everything you said? Because I believed.

But its time to wake up to the truth right? 

I feel pathetic.

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