Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Happy day

Yesterday was probably one of the greatest day in this month cause I finally got a new phone:')
Headed to gym in the morning with Krystal cause I brought her for the one week trial:D
We attended kickboxing lessons and I think I boxed a little too hard cause I have backaches today:') really old alr sobs 

So while we were drying our hair, we went a little crazy and did a video on how to blow dry hair and posted on Instagram for two hours LOL.

Afterwards, we headed to somerset to get my phone! 

I look like I have no body LOLOL

Then we had desserts at tea tozz! Was so full afterwards but I'm glad I took the dessert instead of the drink cause it's much nicer.

Camwhore a bit more heh:

Saw my 知心朋友 at Cwp and he accompanied me to civic and we had a great catchup session^^

Really like meeting people coincidentally and having short meetups like this:)

As for today, I was supposed to work for 11.5 hours but ended up getting my work hours cut and worked for 3.5 hours only. 

I'm currently debating between fixing my mac's airport card or getting a new macbook pro and I need money. I don't wish to get any from my parents but in that case, I can only afford to fix and not get a new mac urgh. Why is money so scarce :')


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