Thursday, March 27, 2014

Happy times

Went to USS on sat with jasmine! Haven't met her for about a month!

Ootd that day:

Saw this truck(?) at USS and I thought it would be nice to take a photo on it. However, there were a few tourists there and I swear the woman super qiao and spent super long on it =.= kept posing non stop tsk.
Then one of the men started taking photos of me wtf. He even asked me to look at their camera LOL.
We wanted to catch the 1pm donkey show and got fed up of queuing and only get to take this photo below after the show! So I appreciate this background a lot:')

My legs look kinda long HAHAH xD
Became a construction worker cause its good to try out different things in life~ 

Left USS at about 2pm cause jasmine had something on! My afternoon was free so I asked Junyuan and Kwan Wei out!
Headed to watch divergent and it was a great movie!
Afterwards, we played a few rounds of jubeat. Must insert this photo cause I look so pro with my hands moving "so fast" ... I was at level 6 only hehe.

As for Monday, Krystal and I decided to go Chinatown for muifan!
It was probably my first time shopping//walking there. Felt so suaku :')

Tried to scare the birds but tmd I got so scared myself.

Taking refuge at this house:')

Afterwards, we had desserts at north point! Their pink lady was so good omg. It's actually Bandung with a lot of toppings. Used to think that Bandung is poisonous cause of its super bright color.. But this one totally made me change my opinion of it cause it taste superb :D

As for Wednesday, my mum came to find me during work to celebrate my birthday! Really thoughtful of her hehe:*

Have camp on my birthday and wenyi says I'm stupid to go LOL. But I think its better because I can see who makes effort for me.  Plus, if my existence bothers no one, I can hide in camp and emo away:')

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