Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 13

Day 13: somewhere you like to move or visit.
For the moving part, I don't think there's any country in my mind cause I love staying in singapore! Everything and everywhere is so near to each other which means traveling is super convenient^^
As for the traveling part, I guess I would like to visit Paris. 
Maybe I'll be the girl in the picture in future^^

As for yesterday, headed out in the morning and met with a blogshop customer. Since i was still early, I met up with Zhiyan for Mac! Had sausage muffin cause the free egg muffin was finished when we reached :')
Afterwards, we met up with the others and headed to school for cls camp briefing!
I'm in the same group as Alicia for camp yay! We were told to give a Short introduction about ourselves and I had no idea what's one interesting fact about myself.. So Alicia told me to say that I have a blogshop. So.. One interesting fact about me is that I have a blogshop:') very kuku sia LOL *covers face*

After the camp briefing, I went to meet wenyi and we headed to kbox! Haven't seen her for such a long time omg:') 
10 years and counting <3
Don't think we'll get to meet up so soon but it's okay cause it means that we'll have more to talk about on our next meetup<3

Thanks for reading this short post^^

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