Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day 14

Day 14:

And here I present to you... My korkor
Omg it's quite awkward to talk about a person. But I admit that he treats me nicer than I treat him hahaha. He plays the computer like all the time and loves to dance. We always fight but he always start talking to me one minute after we fight as though nothing have happened. Which makes it quite funny sometimes. 

As for yesterday, I had work in the morning. About 30 mins before my work ended, Edison told me its the last day we'll be working together. At first I thought it was an April very belated fool's joke so I laughed and told him not to play. But end up he was really transferring to another outlet SOBS. 
So I posted this photo on insta with the caption "我和你吻别” which is like my favorite song to sing to people when I part :(

After work, I met up with jasmine and we headed to bugis!
Had pasta mania for dinner^^

Somebody please tell me that the first photo looks nicer than the second photo.

Passed by topshop and we decided to play dressing up! I became her personal fashion coordinator and chose a green tank and super long green sequins pencil skirt for her. I swear she looked super ridiculous when she had to wear the combi to show me HAHAHAH YAY.

I was to lazy to play dress up so I just kept taking photos while waiting for her.

Thanks for making the effort to meet me and pass me the present:)

Since I've mentioned my birthday, I shall blog about this year's.  
I did not expect anything big this year because the last memorable birthday I had was two years ago whereby my friends celebrated for me at Fushan<3. I remember crying super badly during last year's birthday because I was so affected by my friend's comment during sports carnival. Plus I had a blogshop meetup and the customer cheated me and did not turn up. It was my first time being cheated so I felt super duper sad and yup, probably cried more than I did when I was a baby. 

As for this year, I went home after work the day before my birthday and celebrated with my mum. Left my dad and bro out cause one was sleeping and one have not reached home.
Afterwards, I headed to Mac and met with Krystal! Weiheng then came to join us afterwards! Felt quite blessed to know that my friends bothered :)

Had camp on my birthday and I will always remember this year's birthday because of the night walk XD

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